Google Play has made it easy now to read PDF or epub files. If you enable PDF support in Settings, then touch a file in email or Downloads, then choose Upload to Play Books, the file will open. W00t! Settings and Help should be on the main navigation menu.

Or you can use the Nook Reader app, which is available in the Google Play Store. It’s free, and it functions similarly to a Nook Color.

Some folks use Aldiko reader, with FBReader a close second. Both are available in the Android Market. Aldiko does have some known problems, however.

  • If you’re using Aldiko, your best bet is to have it get books directly from our site using our OPDS feed. OPDS is an emerging standard for distributing catalogs of eBooks. In this case, we’re making your bookshelf available as such a catalog.
  • For other readers, you might want to investigate using our Dropbox integration. It will automatically transfer files to your Android device, and you can open them in your reader of choice.

Loading Directly into Aldiko

1. Go the the Aldiko Home Screen and select My Catalog

2. On the Catalogs page, use the + button to add a catalog. We recommend a title of ‘My Bookshelf.’ The URL must be

3. Click on the listing to open it

4. You are now confirming your access to our system. The user name is the email address you use to log in to us, and the password is your regular password.If you ask Aldiko to remember this, you’ll only have to enter this information once.

5. Alidko will then display the list of titles you own. The covers may take a few seconds to update. To download and read a title, click on its entry

6. Aldiko will display summary information about the book. If you haven’t yet downloaded it, there’ll be a Download button. Click it, and your book will be transfered to your reader

7. Enjoy your book! (It will be stored locally on your device, so you can read it offline)

Transferring using Dropbox

This section assumes you’ve already set up Dropbox sharing of your books in your account on our site.

1. Download and install the free Dropbox app from the Android market. Associate it with your Dropbox account. Any books already in your Dropbox will appear in the Pragmatic Bookshelf folder

2. Our system automatically creates a subfolder for each title you’ve sent to your dropbox. If you’ve chosen to sync multiple ebook formats, each folder will contain a file for each format

3. Clicking on a particular format will download it to your device

4. When the download finishes, Dropbox will display a list of appropriate readers. Click on one to open your book


  • Any books we subsequently send to your dropbox will automatically appear on your device. They will not automatically be imported into your reader app—you’ll need to go through the Dropbox app to do that.
  • As of October 2011, FBReader will automatically add ebooks opened via Dropbox to its library. Aldiko will not.