The Support Gerbil

We’re here to help. Whether you need help with an order, to check the status of a book, and to tell us how terribly wonderful we are, we always love to hear from you. We try to get back to you within a few business hours, but life sometimes intervenes. So, as well as the contact options below, you might want to look at some other resources, too.

  • If you want to regenerate a PDF or ebook, check on the shipping date of an order, download a book’s code, or check on errata, visit your home page.
  • If you need to activate your account, first try to resend the activation email and check your spam. If you don’t get the resent activation email, please e-mail us at with your request and we’ll send you the email from a human so it has a better chance of making it past filters. We’ll also confirm your email address in case there is a typo. Note: Yahoo seems to filter out automatically generated activation emails, so if you have a yahoo email, contact us immediately and we’ll send one from a human (during EST business hours).
  • If you are missing orders on your account, please e-mail us at with your various names and/or email addresses used (order numbers are always appreciated) and we’ll add them to your account.
  • If you see a charge on your credit card and yet the order didn’t complete because the transaction was declined, see this FAQ entry
  • For volume discounts and site licensing for ebooks, please see here
  • For reviewer information, desk copies, user groups and conference sponsorship, please visit the reviewers page.

Otherwise, please e-mail us at with your request.


Dave and Andy

Your imprint not only has the best authors and content of any technical press that I read, but your online distribution/update system is also simply brilliant. You guys have reset the bar and redefined the industry. I simply could not do what I do for a living without your publications. Keep up the extraordinary work, and thanks!!

Stan Kaufman

The Pragmatic staff is top notch! They’ve gone above and beyond my expectations in regards to customer service! Keep it up folks

Hrafn Nordhr