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#76842: There's two Ha* directories in the code download! which causes H<tab> to not complete to HelloWorld. Correct code sample should be Ha<tab>.--Morbus Iff

Andrew Hunt says: That's true in the actual code directory, but not in the sample directory as given in the text, where H<TAB> is correct. I'll clarify the description.

#76845: In the HelloWorld plugin.yml file, the "hello" command has usage of "/hello [optional message]", but the HelloWorld.java doesn't appear to do that.--Morbus Iff


#76846: "AndyHunt issued seRver command", not "sever command".--Morbus Iff

#76817: The error is within the sample code for the BuildAHouse plugin rather than a typo/error within the book itself (I have given P.45 as that is w...more...
Andrew Hunt says: Argh, you're right on the coordinates; I fat-fingered that one. Expanding the call to use all three dimensions was left as an exercise to the reader, but I never added the exercise itself.
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#76959: Example at the bottom of the page is: $ cd Desktop $ cd code/src/BuildAHouse $ ./build.sh The second line should read "cd code/BuildAH...more...

#76906: need to import org.bukkit.entity.Pig;

and call
me.getWorld().spawn(me.getLocation(), Pig.class);

inside the loop--Kintzer

Andrew Hunt says: As it says in the text, this is a "snippet" of code, not a complete piece of code itself. The point is to show a for loop, not declaring variables or imports.