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#76385: The code on the page sets the default_value of the todo command's filename flag to "~/.todo.txt". This causes trouble later, because Ruby's Fi...more...
#53332: Chapter 8 Section8.1 Paragraph 2: Rather than solve this problem at the same we learn about the mechanics of testing, let’s take things one ...more...
#76444: On this page we're adding code to Cucumber's env.rb, to modify ENV['HOME'] so a test won't touch the user's real todo list. Paragraph three be...more...
David Copeland says: This is not my experience. Running the tests with nothing in /tmp and everything works fine. Can you post to the forum what you are seeing specifically?

#58775: Rainbow gem notice: Sickill::Rainbow.enabled= is deprecated, use Rainbow.enabled= instead.--Francisco Laguna