Who We’re Looking for

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an established author or a first-timer. The most important thing is that you care passionately about something that you understand deeply, and you want to share that passion with other people.

Our style is approachable, hands-on, unpretentious, and direct. We’re looking for book and screencast proposals for developers of all skill levels, for kids who want to learn to program all the way through advanced users. We also distribute selected self-published books.

Our books are short and to the point (our screencasts are too). We publish books ranging from 70 pages in length upwards.

On What Topics?

We’re interested in any topic that you’re passionate about in any of our current categories.

We also have a forum page of interesting topics. Feel free to check that for some ideas, or add to it if there’s a topic or author you’d love to see.


If you have an idea for a book that you’d like to run by us before crafting a full, formal proposal, start here.

If you’re ready to submit a proposal for our consideration, please check this page for our proposal guidelines.

If you have self-published a book that would be of interest to our developer audience, check out our distribution guidelines for instructions.

If you’re interested in creating a screencast, please see our screencast guidelines.

What It’s Like to Be an Author with Us

When you sign with us, you become part of a team that’s committed to making your book the best possible. We have the highest editing standards in the industry, and we work with you to craft a book we can all be proud of. We’re a mid-sized publisher without the massive overhead and dependencies large publishers have. We’re agile and author-focused, and care deeply about the topics we publish on.

Our authors return to write for us time and again. They often tell us that they wouldn’t dream of writing for another publisher once they’ve experienced working with us. We think you’ll feel the same way.

Read about our 50% royalty and all the details of Authoring for Us.

Can Your Publisher Do That?

The beta of “Programming Groovy: Dynamic Productivity for the Java Developer”, with the first 10 chapters, was published about one month after I went to the Pragmatic Bookshelf with the initial draft. Tell me, can your publisher do that?

Venkat Subramaniam, award-winning author.