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Writing with Pragmatic means so much more than just getting published. It means having a team of experts guide you through the hard parts. It means working with editors, technical reviewers, indexers, and marketing coaches who are driven to help you do your best work. It means taking your place among our catalog of award-wining titles. It means instant recognition and acknowledgement for your expertise.

And, of course, it means being paid one of the absolute highest royalties in traditional publishing.

We’ve got the platform, partnerships, and power to help you share your knowledge with the world, and we want to hear from you today.

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What makes working with PragProg so great?

You’ve seen our books, screencasts, audiobooks, and more. But did you know that we’ve also partnered with some of the best content platforms in the industry and that we can help you get your message out across an extensive range of formats?

We’ll help you develop your idea and identify the best uses for your content, and we’ll give you input and feedback from a panel of industry experts that span the globe.

When it comes time to start your project, we’ll pair you with your own personal development editor on day one. Our editors are highly-trained, industry experts who can help you with every part of the publishing process — from your first draft all the way through to your first sale.

Add it all up, and it means:

Don’t take our word for it, though. Take it from your peers in this series of interviews with our authors.

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