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Audio Books

How are the audio books different from the paperback or ebooks?

Unabridged audio books contain the exact text of the paperback or ebook title, except for modifications regarding page number references and things of that sort.

Abridged audio books have been edited to give you the best of the content of the original text in a more concise and listenable format.

Which formats are available?

Audio books come format in three flavors; when you buy a audio book, you get access to all formats:

  • m4b, single-file audio book for iTunes, bookmarkable
  • mp3, one file per chapter in a zip archive for other players, portable devices
  • ogg, one file per chapter in a zip archive for linux

The advantage of the m4b format is that if you hit pause, and then listen to music or other tracks, the book will remember where you left off. When you return, you’ll be right at the correct location.

For the mp3 and ogg collections, just unzip the archive after downloading and play the chapter files in your favorite audio player.

Are the audio book files restricted?

There is no copy protection, DRM, or functionality restrictions in the audio book files. They are licensed for individual use only, and you may enjoy them for personal use as you see fit.

Am I allowed to copy my audio book files?

You may make copies for you own personal use (e.g., one on your laptop while traveling and one on your home machine, backup copies in case your system crashes, etc.) but you may not give or sell your audio book files to other people or share it on the ’net.

How do I download my audio book after purchasing?

You can download your audio book files immediately after purchasing by using the download links on the order receipt page, in the order receipt e-mail, or from the dashboard in your account. Note: you need to be logged into your account. If you don’t have an account, create one by selecting Login (top right corner) and Sign Up Now.

How do I re-download my audio book?

You can re-download audio book files you own at any time. Simply visit your account page. Click on the Visit Your Bookshelf link in the sidebar on the right, and click Download next to the audio book title you want to re-download. You’ll be taken to a page where you can select a format and start the download.

Can I present my audio book at a company meeting?

Yes, if you have a corporate license. For corporate licensing and volume discounts, please see our volume discount page.

Can I present my audio book to my class or in a classroom setting?

Yes, if you have a classroom license. To obtain a classroom license, e-mail with information about your class including expected max enrollment and titles of interest.

Can I transfer ownership of my audio book?

No, ownership of a audio book cannot be transferred.

Can I get a refund on the audio books I purchased?

You may have noticed that most computer stores allow returns of physical goods but not of software or music CDs. There’s a good (and obvious) reason for that. Although we’d like to break the mold, we’ve had some bad experiences in the past, so we’ve had to make a simple rule:

We can’t accept returns of any audio books. Once purchased, they cannot be refunded. Exception: If you inadvertently buy duplicate copies, we will consider a refund. e-mail with your request.

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