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What format eBooks do you sell?

When you buy an eBook directly from our website, you receive a DRM-free ebook, for use on iPhone/iPad, Kindle, Android, Sony, Nook, and other eBook readers, as well as on desktop and laptop computers.

When you buy an eBook directly from us on our website, you can download your eBook in all available formats at no extra charge for your own individual, personal use.

Currently those formats are PDF, epub, and mobi formats, unless otherwise indicated for a particular title.

The PDF format is most often used on regular computers.

Epub format is used by most ebook readers, including Apple’s iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, Android, Sony, Nook, and most other eBook readers.

The mobi format is used by the Amazon Kindle. Limitations in the mobi file format may cause it to display differently on different physical Kindle devices. If you notice an issue, feel free to email However, the mobi format is very limited and we may not be able to improve the display. In addition, mobi files that are not purchased directly from the Amazon store may have additional issues: Amazon may or may not support syncing notes across devices, availability via the Kindle App, availability via the cloud, and so on. For more information on Amazon’s support of user-loaded documents, please check with

If you purchase an eBook of one of our titles from somewhere else, you are subject to that vendor’s policies.

How do I read eBooks on…?

How do I get my personalized eBook?

If you have Notifications checked in your Pragprog user profile, then you will be notified via email of the link to your book if your account allows for emails.

Alternately, you can log into your account to see your link. Visit your account page. Click on the Your Bookshelf link in the sidebar to the right. You’ll find download links next to each title.

You can also (optionally) configure your account to automatically deliver your eBooks to your DropBox account or onto your Kindle device.

Set your options via Edit Profile, a link found directly under your username in your account on

How do I check the status of my eBook?

If you visit your account page, you’ll see a list of all of your eBooks. If a book has been updated since you last downloaded it, it’ll have an “Update me” banner. Click the link and we’ll send you the latest version.

What’s your update policy?

When you buy an eBook directly from us on our website, you’re entitled to free updates for the lifetime of that edition of the book (if we create a new edition, then that will be a separate purchase).

If you purchase an eBook from another entity, you are subject to their internal update policies and ours do not apply.

Am I allowed to copy the eBook files?

You may make copies for you own personal use (e.g., one on your laptop while traveling and one on your home machine, backup copies in case your system crashes, etc.) but you may not give your eBook file to other people.

Are the eBook files restricted?

There is no copy protection or functionality restrictions in our eBooks. You may view or print them for your own individual, personal use as you see fit.

You may not share your PDF, epub or mobi versions to other people. The file you order is personalized with your own name and other identifying information.

You can buy multiple licenses of an eBook title for your team or organization, in which case the eBook will be stamped with the number of allowed licenses. We’ll only send you one copy, so as to conserve everyone’s bandwidth.

Can I sell a used eBook like I can a paper book?

No; ownership of PDF, epub or mobi files cannot be transferred.

Can I print out the eBook files?

Yes, but the results may not be what you expect. Even the PDF files are formatted specifically for on-screen viewing, and as such have some differences from the paper book version: left and right pages are set identically, which will make the margins turn out funny when printed. There are no blank pages, which means that some chapters may not open on the right-hand page when printed, as they would in the paper book version.

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