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Reading eBooks on an eBook Reader

Maybe you have an eBook reader that isn’t a Kindle or an Apple or Android device. Don’t despair—we’ve got you covered.

First, we’ll assume that your reader expects books to be formatted using the epub standard (we haven’t met a reader apart from the Kindle that doesn’t). So the trick is to transfer the epubs from your bookshelf on our server down into your device.

The most likely way you’ll get our books onto your device is to first download them to your computer, then transfer them using a USB cable.

It’s also possible your device supports a catalog format called OPDS. The support might be built in, or might be provided by an add-on (the Nook, for example, has an OPDS feed utility called Trook). OPDS is an emerging standard for distributing lists of books. Your device might call this an external library, or an external catalog. If you can use OPDS, we recommend doing so, and have instructions below.

Kobo eBook readers: We’ve had many reports of problems using the Kobo reader with our epub files. Kobo seem unwilling to look into the problem, so we’re currently recommending people not use their readers with our books.

Transferring via your Computer

You can download the epub versions of eBooks to your computer, then sync them onto your iPad using iTunes.

  • To get the files onto your computer, you can either download from our site, or have them transferred to a Dropbox on your computer.

At this point, the instructions get a little vague, as they depend on the actual device. You may transfer files by connecting your reader to your computer using USB or WiFi. You may use a special application that came with the device, or you might just drag the epub files across onto the device icon. You’ll need to read the instructions that came with your reader to determine what will work for you.

Transferring Using OPDS

A little web research will determine if your device supports OPDS. If it does, register your bookshelf with it—the URL is It will ask you for a user name and password. Give it the email address and password you use to access your account on our site. After a short while, your reader should display a list of the books you own. Select those that you want to download onto your device.