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Reading eBooks on Your Android device

You can read all our ebook formats on Android devices given the appropriate reader apps.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a bug in some versions of Google Play that will not load certain epubs.

Once you install the app, you add our books to your library in many ways—once you get an epub onto your device, it will recognize it. However, the easiest way is probably using our Google Drive integration.

Assuming you have Google Drive set up, using our integration is easy.

Activate Google Drive Support

Go to Scroll down to Google Drive Settings.

Starting to authorize google drive

Click the Authorize us link. On the next page, select the ePub option (and any others you want), then click the Authorize with Google.

Select the file formats to sync

This will take you to the Google page, where you will click OK to give us access. Once you do that, Google will take you back to our site.

From now on, any ebooks that we generate for you will automatically be added to the Pragmatic Bookshelf folder on your Google Drive.

Reading On Your Android

First, install the Google Drive and epub reader apps on your Android device.

Open Google Drive and navigate to the Pragmatic Bookshelf Folder. Click on the title you want to add. It will be transferred to the reader (via Google’s cloud) and integrated into your library. The process takes about 30 seconds, as Google has to reupload the file and post process it for their reader app.