The mobi format is used by the Amazon Kindle. Limitations in the mobi file format may cause it to display differently on different physical Kindle devices. If you notice an issue, feel free to email However, the mobi format is very limited and we may not be able to improve the display. In addition, mobi files that are not purchased directly from the Amazon store may have additional issues: Amazon may or may not support syncing notes across devices, availability via the Kindle App, availability via the cloud, and so on. For more information on Amazon’s support of user-loaded documents, please check with

There are two ways to get your mobi eBooks onto your Kindle.

Sending Automatically over WiFi

We can send our ebooks to your Kindle automatically, as long as your Kindle is connected to a WiFi netork.

Amazon assign a unique device name to your Kindle. Associated with that name are two email addresses, and Documents sent to these addresses will be transferred to your Kindle. The first email address will deliver over the cellular network. Because of this, Amazon charges a usage fee. The second email address only delivers when your Kindle is on a Wifi network, and is free. Because we don’t want to you to incur charges every time we update a book, we only offer delivery over the free service.

To set this up:

  • On Amazon
    • Log in to your Amazon account and visit the Manage Your Kindle page.
    • Select Personal Document Settings in the sidebar. Find the section titled Approved Personal Document E-mail List and add as an approved sender.
    • While you’re there, write down the email address of your Kindle.
  • On
    • Visit Scroll down to the Kindle Settings section and enter your Kindle’s email name in the text box. Enter just the name part—we automatically add the
    • Remember to press the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

From then on, new orders and regenerated books will be sent to your Kindle automatically. You can also send existing books:

  • Visit
  • Click the Download eBook link for the title you want
  • You’ll see a list of available formats. Click the one you want, and it will be downloaded to your computer
  • Click the Send to Kindle button.

To the Kindle Via Your Computer

You can download mobi versions of your eBooks to your computer, and then transfer them across to your Kindle.

  • To get the files onto your computer, you can either download from our site, or have them transferred to a Dropbox on your computer.
  • Plug your Kindle into your computer using a USB cable. It will mount as a filesystem. Drag the mobi file into the documents folder on the Kindle, and then unmount the Kindle.. (Kindle 1 owners: you’ll also need to unplug the USB cable to get your Kindle back into book-reading mode. Kindle 2 owners can leave the cable connected)

Please note that you can’t load books into the Kindle Application on the desktop using email, you have to transfer the file to the computer then open it with the application.