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Looking for a Coupon?

Looking for a coupon for use on our Pragmatic Bookshelf site?

Check out any current promotions.

If we have a discount, we’ll announce it on twitter or in our weekly newsletter.

  • Follow us on twitter at @pragprog, where Randy the Renegade gerbil has been known to toss out coupons from time to time.
  • Opt-in to our announcement mailing list from your dashboard.
    • We send out emails once a week or every two weeks as new titles become available, and will let you know of a special sale opportunity.
    • We will never sell or rent your email address (or any other information) to anyone else.
  • We also occasionally provide coupon codes during conferences and special events.
    • If you see our logo listed during an event, ask the host or speaker about a pragprog coupon code.
    • Note: Often we just provide eBook giveaways so there may not be a discount code.

Where do I put in the code?

At the end of the order process:


  • Coupons cannot be used on The Pragmatic Programmer and certain other titles that we distribute because of contractual reasons.
  • Coupons cannot be applied retroactively to prior orders.
  • Please do not email support to ask for a coupon code. Support will only refer you to twitter and the newsletter.
  • Coupon expirations cannot be extended.
  • One coupon per order is allowed.

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