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Sending a Gift?

Sending an eBook as a gift?

What a great idea!

Yes, you can ‘gift’ an eBook to another person.

Before you start, consider if you want to

  • notify the recipient right away of the gift, or
  • keep it a secret

Either way, if you run into any difficulties, feel free to send an email to and we’ll help you out.

Notify right away

On your cart, choose your payment mechanism.

On Step 2, Recipient Details, Fill in the Recipient’s name and the Recipient’s e-mail.

The Recipient will get the email notification with the eBook link in it and you will get the order receipt.

If there is a print book in the order, enter in the Recipient’s address information as well so we can ship it to the correct place.

It is that simple!

Keep it a secret

On your cart, choose your payment mechanism.

On Step 2, Recipient Details, only fill in the Recipient’s name — put YOUR email address in the email field.

Finish your checkout like normal. The eBook will be generated with your Recipient’s name on it. You can then do what you need to do with your gift.

If/When you want to move the order to the recipient’s email address, just send an email to with the recipient’s name and email address. We’ll get the order moved over to that person so they can access the order through their own account.

Want to send it to a person’s kindle?

If you know your recipient has their pragprog account set up to send their books to the kindle, then use their account email address. The ebook will be automatically sent to their kindle if the user has it set up in their account. If they don’t or you are not sure, then no worries. They will always get the email notification that an ebook is ready for them to download.

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