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All About Shipping?

We offer shipping via:

  • US Postal Service (domestic only)
  • UPS (domestic only)
  • DHL (international)

Where is My Order?

If you visit your home page you’ll see a list of all your orders.

If you visit your home page you’ll see a list of all your orders. For ebook orders you’ll see the time that it was last generated or you can regenerate for a fresh copy. Remember, updates within an edition are free. New editions are new purchases.

For paper book orders, you’ll be able to see the date and time we shipped and the shipper’s tracking number. Your package’s time in transit depends on where you are located and the shipping option chosen.

Please note that tracking information is only available for a short time (1-2 months). We are not able to assist with shipping problems or questions after that time.

Shipping Options within the United States

We deliver within the United States using US Post Office or UPS Ground. We ship from PA, so the estimated delivery dates/times are from there.


We use DHL for all international shipments. Shipment take 3-5 days for most countries, 7-10 days for Asia and Pacific areas.

Our experience is that this is generally accurate, but some countries seem to hold incoming packages for customs and security inspection longer than others.

Please note: Our shipping charge does not include duty, VAT, import, or other taxes imposed by your country, or any processing surcharges that may be imposed by DHL to collect these fees. E.g., in Canada, DHL tells us that if they collect the VAT, then they charge a $10 processing fee and a $4 fee for COD processing.

If your country collects fees upon delivery, then DHL will need to deliver to an individual rather than leaving the package. You will need to monitor tracking to be aware of DHL trying to contact you. If your package gets returned or destroyed and marks that it is because DHL cannot get in touch with you, then we will be unable to assist you further.

How do I track my package?

Within the U.S., you can track your package using USPS or UPS. We have provided the link.
Oddly, if you have a long string of numbers that do not show up on USPS, try tracking it using UPS.

Packages shipped via UPS Mail Innovations provide what look like USPS tracking numbers but they only work on UPS tracking. Go figure.

Outside of the U.S., you can track your package via DHL and the link is provided. If the DHL express link does not work for your tracking ID, then cut/paste the tracking ID into DHL Global tracking.

What if my order is too big?

If your order weighs more than we can ship in one package or has a total spine thickness to large for us to ship in one package, then you will be prompted to split your order into multiple orders for shipping.

What about taxes and other fees?

Within the United States, we collect the appropriate sales tax if you purchase from either North Carolina or Texas.

For international sales, we pay the shipping and include an appropriate customs
declaration, but the buyer is responsible for paying any duty, value-added taxes, import fees, or other taxes imposed by your local country. Ensure you monitor your package’s tracking so you are aware when DHL tries to contact you.
If your package is returned or destroyed and the reason given is because DHL cannot get in touch with you, then we will be unable to assist you further.

What about customs and import licenses?

Some countries require import licenses or other paperwork for certain merchandise. We’ll provide duplicate invoices attached to
international packages to assist with customs, but any other paperwork required by your country is your responsibility.

Why are shipping costs so expensive?

We don’t make any profit from shipping, we are just passing our costs along. As a small company, we do not absorb shipping costs like other companies might be able to do.

However, we recognize that other vendors may offer more competitive pricing. If you order a print book from elsewhere, rest assured that you can still qualify for ‘combo’ pricing on the eBook. Look in the back pages of the print book after delivery for instructions on how to get the eBook at the discounted price.

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