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Volume Discounts

We offer quantity discounts on most paper books, eBooks, Screencasts and Videos.

Note: If we are distributing a book for another publisher, then we are subject to contractual limitations and may not be able to discount these titles at all, or as heavily as we do our own titles. Also, if the book is a POD (Print On Demand) book, then we may not be able to extend the discount.

If you are not sure if your purchase qualifies for a discount, send us an email at and we’ll check to see what the best discount is for your purchase.

Bookstores and resellers need to purchase through our distributor O’Reilly Media. We do not offer wholesale discounts.

Typical Discounts on Paper Books

Sample discounts on multiple copies of a single title as follows:

Quantity   Discount
10-19   20%
20-case   25%
full case*   30%
50+   35%

(*) The full case quantity varies depending on title and printing. Please contact us for details.

Discounts on eBooks, Screencasts and Video Series

Sample discounts on multiple-copy licenses of a single title:

Number of Licenses   Discount
10-19   30%
20-39   35%
40-49   40%
50-99   50%
100+   60%
1000+   80%