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Up Front

Iteration One

by Michael Swaine

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  What do you think of our first issue? Help us make PragPub the kind of publication you’d like to read. We’re eager to hear from you.  

Welcome to the premier issue of PragPub. I’m your host, Michael Swaine.

As you may have noticed, we’re calling these first few issues the First Iteration. We’re firm believers in the power of agile development. Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt have built an agile publishing company, and this will be an agile magazine. That means that this is truly just the beginning—our first “Hello World.” Our aim is to create a real 21st century version of that oh-so-last-century medium, the magazine. Since nobody, least of all us, knows what that actually means, we’ll be iterating (a.k.a. “making it up”) as we go along.

One thing we know is that it will emphasize the pragmatic in programming and life. Pragmatic Programmers get the job done, and do it well, Andy and Dave said in The Pragmatic Programmer back in 2001. That’s the book that launched The Pragmatic Bookshelf line of books. As Dave and Andy explained then, pragmatic derives from a Greek word meaning “to do.”

This monthly publication is all about doing. You’ll find articles here on programming in Clojure, how to hang on to your tech job and how we do the things we do. Upcoming articles will feature in-the-trenches Android and iPhone development and refactoring your career. Some articles will be written by our Pragmatic Bookshelf authors, but they won’t be mere book excerpts, but new articles written expressly for PragPub—and all free.

But we’ll also live-link you into our Forum at The Pragmatic Programmers site, as well as to Andy’s and Dave’s blogs, where you can see what’s on their minds right now. Because we want your feedback, we have a suggestion box. It’s called “I’d like a book that covers…;” But we want your ideas for this magazine, too. Email us or join the discussion in our Forum.

There’s a vibrant community growing among our readers and authors, and we want to make it easy for you to join in.

And because there’s more to the coding life than coding, we’ll feature fresh content from our Pragmatic Life series authors and editors every month.

So enjoy this first monthly issue of PragPub. And did we mention it’s free?

-Michael Swaine, editor