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Welcome to PragPub

by Andy Hunt and , Dave Thomas

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Greetings! Welcome to Iteration One of PragPub, our monthly excuse to hang out at the virtual water cooler with you.

PragPub is a look into the pragmatic world: it’s a peek at what we’re excited about, what our authors are excited about, and what we hope you can get excited about. It’s a place where together we can share our obsessions, er, “passions.”

We love learning new things. We love playing with technology, and seeing what cool things we can use it for. But it’s not always the shiny new things that are important: it pays to remember how we got here in the first place. To reconsider Fred Brooks, Kristen Nygaard, or Kent Beck’s thoughts under a modern microscope. To look at other industries, other professions, and learn from their successes and failures as well. To look at the full range of our lives, not just those intense hours spent on the job itself.

That’s what we want to accomplish with PragPub. The articles in this first iteration are available in PDF, mobi and epub formats, for reading on your computer, iPhone, Kindle, Sony Reader, or other device. In future iterations, you may have other exciting options. We’re counting on adapting and evolving PragPub to best suit your needs, according to your feedback.

Magazines have historically been a monologue. We prefer a dialogue—not a screaming mob, as you might find elsewhere on the net, but a real dialogue among highly talented, skilled professionals who care about their craft. We care, and we know you do too. After all, we can’t do it alone.

So please extend a warm welcome to Michael Swaine, author and former editor-in-chief and editor-at-large for many years at Dr. Dobb’s Journal. Michael brings his considerable experience and industry knowledge to these pages, and we’re proud to have him on board, to help shepherd the dialog.

Welcome to your magazine. Welcome to PragPub.

-Dave & Andy, Publishers.