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Overheard on the Intertubes

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  Wading into the chatterstream in hip boots, we harvest the mermaid’s tears from the internets.  

What’s Hot

Top-Ten lists are passé—ours goes to 11. These are the top titles that folks are interested in currently, along with their rank from last month. This is based solely on direct sales from our online store.

1^NEWMetaprogramming Ruby
2v1iPhone SDK Development
33The RSpec Book
4^NEWSecurity on Rails
5v4Agile Web Development with Rails, Third Edition
66Programming Ruby 1.9
77Programming Clojure
8v2Language Design Patterns
9^NEWProgramming Scala
10v8Writing Your First iPhone Application
11v10Core Data

And Here’s What Folks Are Saying…

Maybe the thoughts we generate today and flick around from mind to mind... are the primitive precursors of more complicated, polymerized structures that will come later, analogous to the prokaryotic cells that drifted through shallow pools in the early days of biological evolution. Later, when the time is right, there may be fusion and symbiosis among the bits, and then we will see eukaryotic thought, metazoans of thought, huge interliving coral shoals of thought. The mechanism is there.... — Lewis Thomas, The Lives of a Cell, 1974.

Want to Find Marijuana? There’s an App for that. — Hunt Henning, student

The App market will grow up & be as big as the internet by 2020... although that’s 5 internet lifetimes! — Matt Yorke, Englishman abroad

Well played, Pragmatic Programmers, well played. The inaugural issue of PragPub, an electronic magazine for programmers... has a cameo appearance for LOLCODE. —

I’ve only just got a Wave account and I’ve already been rick-rolled by a RickRoll Wave bot. — John Resig, creator of JQuery

OK, I'm over it. Java is just really not all that much fun. — Carl Schuyler, programmer

Laundry tip: Drying jeans on “ex. low delicate” = not effective. — Andy Lester, Working Geek

My attitude, as a user, is that if a site is going to track me, I want them to do it openly, using cookies. Cookies offer me less transparency and control than I would like, but the alternatives are worse. If I were writing a self-regulation code for the industry, I would have the code require that cookies be the only means used to track users across sites. — Ed Felten, Freedom to Tinker reviews from Jeffrey P. Bezos. Includes milk, cookies, cheese snacks, binoculars, and a Cory Doctorow novel. Unfortunately, the cookie items reviewed are no longer available so we’re not able to share in “snickerdoodles [that] were the best I’ve ever had.” — Matt Mullenweg, creator of WordPress

Sure I sold you robot insurance. But you were attacked by a cyborg. Not covered. — KAgroX, Congress watcher

It’s big industry news, but how are non-Yahoo end-users affected by the Microsoft-Yahoo search deal? That’s what I'm thinking about. — Mitch Kapor, co-founder of Electronic Frontier Foundation

A world where people regularly use 9 year old operating systems is not a healthy computing ecosystem. — Jeff Atwood, Coding Horror

NSString's caseInsensitiveCompare: should not be confused with caseinSensitiveCompare:, which is for lactose intolerant people. -Cocoa tip of the day — Andy Lee, creator of AppKiDo

Extreme Programming excels at the ordinary and allows the extraordinary. @KentBeck asks, and I answer: no need to promise paradigm shifts. — Ward Cunningham, creator of the Wiki

Going thru old photos... Here’s a pic of me & Ray Manzarek after the “Craigslist” session. — “Weird Al” Yankovic

Saw a sign in CO Springs restaurant: Free Smells. I think I’ve seen that sign on many instances of code. — Gerald Weinberg, Software Psychologist

Chords for iTunes is like Guitar Hero for grownups. — Bob LeVitus, Dr. Mac

Hoping the Beatles will release their albums at the same time as 10-inch iPod touch. — Tony Bove, Haight historian and iPod developer

Policies are organizational scar tissue. They are codi?ed overreactions to unlikely-to-happen-again situations. — Jason Fried, founder of 37Signals

My autobiography will be titled “Sociopaths, Borderlines, and Autistics,” subtitled: “How I cope with dealing with humans.” — Bram Cohen, creator of BitTorrent

A TV show that shows you wacky Internet videos is like a restaurant that serves you Dominos Pizza. — Andy Ihnatko, friend of Roger Ebert

If you had asked me which comic strip was going to quote Pynchon this morning, I would not have come up with Sally Forth. — Chris Espinosa, Apple employee number 5

Only in this century have we been brought close enough to each other, in great numbers, to begin the fusion... and from now on the process may move very rapidly.... What we need is more crowding, more unrestrained and obsessive communication, more open channels, even more noise, and a bit more luck.... We are simultaneously participants and bystanders.... As participants, we have no choice in the matter; this is what we do as a species. As bystanders, stand back and give it room is my advice. — Lewis Thomas, The Lives of a Cell, 1974.

Just participated in a group sing along on a sidewalk in NYC. This must be what being a Bollywood character feels like. — Chad Fowler, a Passionate Programmer

When I start writing something long, I know exactly which direction I’m heading, but have no idea where I’m going. — John Gruber, Daring Fireball