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October 2009


Android’s Next Move

interviewed by Michael Swaine

An interview with Hello, Android author Ed Burnette.

Mail on Rails

by Dave Hoover

Delivering the mail is a pain. So why configure mail servers and domain keys when you can get existing Web APIs to do the dirty work for you?

TextMate Tricks

by James Edward Gray II

With a little help from Ruby, James spiffs up his favorite text editor.

State Secrets

by David Bock

State machines, workflow, and international treaties.

Painting with Sound

by Andy Hunt

Basic tips for home recording to help you tell your story more effectively and sound better.


Up Front

by Michael Swaine

Help us shape PragPub.

Choice Bits

Tweets, posts, and chatter on programming, publishing, people, and PragPub.

How Do We...?

by Dave Thomas

People often ask how we do what we do. This series explains…

Get a Life

by Daniel Steinberg

Write that book you’ve always wanted to. We’ll help.

Language Workbenches

by Michael Swaine

DSLs rule! Now if only they weren’t so unruly.

Shady Illuminations

by John Shade

How Google hijacked Internet Explorer.

The Quiz

by Michael Swaine

A monthly diversion at least peripherally related to programming.


by Jackie Carter

Author sightings and other notable events.

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