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Overheard on the Intertubes

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  Wading into the chatterstream in hip boots, we wield the Axiom of Choice with gleeful abandon.  

What’s Hot

Top-Ten lists are passé—ours goes to 11. These are the top titles that folks are interested in currently, along with their rank from last month. This is based solely on direct sales from our online store.

1^NEWPomodoro Technique Illustrated
2^4iPhone SDK Development
33Agile Web Development with Rails, Third Edition
4v2The RSpec Book
5^8Core Data
6^7Language Implementation Patterns
7v1Beginning Mac Programming
8^10Programming Clojure
9^NEWHello, Android
10v5Programming Ruby 1.9
11^NEWSource Control Made Easy

And Here’s What Folks Are Saying…

Let’s not pretend that we know what time it is because we know what we saw last time we checked our watches. — Guy English, KickingBear

The more things change...

Facebook updates home page, irks users (again). — Michael Sim

Journalism today...

Circulation declines at major newspapers—some of them huge—will strengthen the paywall advocate's hand. — Jay Rosen

Journalism is so important that leaving it to a group of people in an office downtown is irresponsible. — Clay Shirky

So far, our editors meeting has featured a whip, a walking brain, and an editor wearing a false nose. — Dave Thomas

Things you weren’t planning to think about...

[T]here are more chickens than people in the world. — Ed Yourdon

Imagine how annoying it would be if your computer constantly made the same sounds tv/movie computers make. — Chad Fowler

If a group of sorors is a sorority, why isn’t a group of jurors a jurority? — Pat Rice

In 1945, the very first bug was found in a computer and taped to the log book. What unit test were they running when they found the bug? — Andy Hunt

Fixing the blame...

[U]sers will only read the absolute minimum amount of text on the screen necessary to complete their task. — Jeff Atwood, Coding Horror

[L]etting the consultant pick your technology is like letting the undertaker pick your medicine. — Kent Beck

Latest rpt re: ban of SocMed channels by CIOs... indicates most CIOs R mired in fear/contempt stage of acceptance. — Peter Salvitti

People worry that China’s autocracy is run by engineers. Well, how would you like to live in a country run by lawyers? — Stewart Brand

Moderating the forums today was just like teaching preschool. Except for the poo. Far more poo in the forums. — Chris Breen

You just need to push yourself more...

Ok—I just wrote an entire first pass of a chapter in 25 minutes using Pomodoro Technique as outlined by @staffannoteberg. Wow! — Travis Swicegood

My new Icelandic trainer's rule: what you ask of your horse, YOU must be able to do. I've been riding up hills, fast. I'm toast. — Kathy Sierra

Endorphins are the best drug ever. — Mike Clark

No, you need to relax more...

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life. — Henry David Thoreau rt @SharonHayes

[M]irrors + puppies = endless entertainment. [I]t eventually feels a bit like torture, but not enough to stop. — Kent Beck

Forget pair programming! I want to learn pair guitaring. — Jim Weirich

But isn’t fast food an oxymoron?

Is there any food greater than Pringles? I don't think so. — Andy Lester

“Slap Ya Mama” Cajun seasoning has slapped a lawsuit for trademark infringement on an upstart spice company marketing under the name “Punch Ya Daddy.” — WWLTV, Louisiana

Oh well, as long as you have your health...

The “opt-out” public health care plan will allow red states to cut off their noses to spite their faces and not have the procedure covered. — John Gruber

Your hu-man medicine will do no good here, European! Our bodies are made of strange stuff only treatable by market forces. — Cory Doctorow

Los Angeles moves to cloud (a short trip?)...

The Los Angeles City Council today voted unanimously to “Go Google,” approving a $7.25 million contract to outsource the city’s e-mail system to Google’s cloud and transition some 30,000 city employees to the cloud over the coming year. — ZDNet

Other observations...

Microsoft does not need to be servicing a Dell laptop retuned by a customer now blaming Microsoft for its failure. — John C. Dvorak, re Microsoft stores

[S]cala: all the ease-of-understanding of haskell combined with all the flexibility and rapid development of java. — Randal L. Schwartz

So cool that the White House is now using open source CMS Drupal. — Andy Lester

My next post... will be people who unfollowed me and look interesting. — Tim Bray