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Up Front

Better All the Time

by Michael Swaine

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  Our fifth issue mixes code, self-improvement, and a prize.  

A good picture tells a story. Here are three pictures that have something to say:

The November issue of PragPub also has something to say, I hope, about software development and the bigger story of the life of a software developer. And it also includes a prize!

Rachel Davies and Liz Sedley chat with us about what it takes to be a good Agile team coach, and offer some advice on how to handle some of the thornier problems you’ll face in Agile coaching. Staffan Nöteberg takes on a different coaching challenge: how to coach yourself. The Pomodoro Technique scales Agile practices down to the individual, and Staffan shows how, using Pomodoro, you can be your own coach and master time.

Brian Tarbox returns this month with a somewhat different take on what’s getting in the way of your productivity. It’s other people. Brian suggests some ways to get them out of your hair. In that same spirit of self-improvement, your editor offers some advice on improving your spelling.

In a more technical vein, Bill Dudney shows how to use Apple’s Game Kit to develop multiplayer games for iPhone, and Frederic Daoud demonstrates just how customizable the Stripes Web application framework really is.

But wait, there’s more! Daniel evokes the lost art of letter-writing, Dave explains how we automate the sending of email, RSS, and Twitter notifications, John Shade explores another dark corner of computing, and we get cryptic with another quiz—and this one has a prize. Solve the puzzle and you’ll earn a 25% site-wide discount on any of our Pragmatic Bookshelf titles. You’re welcome!

And don’t forget about our PragProWriMo writing project.