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PragPub cover

PragPub, December 2009

Table of Contents


  • by Jason Huggins
    Are you ready for your closeup?
  • by Dan Haywood
    Take a stroll down the Naked Objects path.
  • by Paul Butcher
    Paul offers some advice to make debugging a learning experience.
  • by Steve Peter
    Take control of what goes into this fundamental food and enjoy your own bread fresh from the oven.


  • by Michael Swaine
    Meet the people who make the magazine.
  • Tweets, posts, and chatter on programming and life.
  • by Dave Thomas
    People often ask how we do what we do. This series explains…
  • by Daniel Steinberg
    Daniel gets a jump on his January diet with an Agile approach.
  • by Andy Lester
    For a guy who is fond of saying “Life is too short to work a crappy job,” Andy gives surprising advice in his new monthly column on the working life of a techie.
  • by Michael Swaine
    Tell us a story—even if you’re just introducing a new systems language.
  • This Month: The Return of the Text Sudoku.
  • by Jackie Carter
    Author sightings and other notable events.
  • by John Shade
    Google releases a new programming language and John Shade finds a bit of Python in it.