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Up Front

It Takes a Team

by Michael Swaine

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  Meet the people who make the magazine.  

Welcome to the December issue of PragPub. There should be something for everyone in this one.

Dan Haywood invites you to go naked, while Jason Huggins argues for dressing up. Steve Peter wants to bulk you up with home-made bread, while Daniel Steinberg wants to put you on a diet. Andy Lester, who usually advises people on how to get good jobs, suggests how to hang onto a bad one. Dave Thomas has our cover process covered, I write about writing, and John Shade ponders whether Google’s Go is a goer. Oh, and I mustn’t forget: Paul Butcher reminds us all to forgive and remember.

But you know, as the year winds down and I put the sixth issue of PragPub to bed, it occurs to me that I have yet to acknowledge all the people it takes to put together an issue. Let me rectify that.

Every member of the Pragmatic Programmers editorial team plays a part in creating the magazine, from writing a regular column (hi, Daniel!) or assembling all the writer appearances for the calendar (Thanks, Jackie!) to catching all the mistakes I missed (ouch, Steve; brutal, Susannah). It’s an honor to work with Jackie Carter, Janet Furlow, Andy Hunt, David McClintock, Steve Peter, Susannah Pfalzer, Daniel Steinberg, Jill Steinberg, Dave Thomas, and Colleen Toporek. And in a further demonstration that distributed teams work, if you need one, we live in over a half-dozen different states and rarely see one another.

And then there are our writers. Over the past six months we have been graced with the words of Chris Adamson, Kent Beck, David Bock, Ed Burnette, Paul Butcher, Rachel Davies, Ian Dees, Frederic Daoud, Scott Davis, Bill Dudney, Chad Fowler, James Edward Gray II, Stuart Halloway, Dan Haywood, Rich Hickey, Dave Hoover, Jason Huggins, Andy Hunt, David Koelle, Andy Lester, Staffan Nöteberg, Steve Peter, Johanna Rothman, Liz Sedley, John Shade, Daniel Steinberg, Brian Tarbox, and Dave Thomas.

In 2010, will we add your name to this list?