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Up Front

’Tis a Gift to Be Simple

by Michael Swaine

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  Welcome to the first issue of PragPub for 2010.  

“’Tis a gift to be simple,” the old Shaker song says, and the start of a new year always seems like a good time to question our assumptions, clean out the mental closets, and tune our habits to better harmonize with our goals.

In “The Working Geek,” Andy Lester lays out some simple resolutions for software developers for Twenty Ten. Daniel invites us to revisit a simpler time and a simpler technology as he teaches us how to build a slide rule in “Get a Life.” And I celebrate the virtues of an even simpler technology, handwriting.

Other writers in this issue embrace simplicity, too. Great ideas are always based on simple insights, and James Duncan Davidson and Mike Clark had one of those recently, which Duncan talks about in “The Daily Shoot.”

As an API gets more powerful it ought to make a developer’s life simpler, though it doesn’t always work out that way. Marcus Zarra shows how that can be the case for iPhone and iPod Touch developers.

Jorge Aranda questions whether a recent call for action in software engineering is really necessary. Metaprogramming Ruby author Paolo Perrotta keeps it simple by talking about literally nothing. And John Shade goes to the movies.

You’ll also find, as usual, a quiz, an events calendar, and other regular features in this issue, and in the back you’ll find a list of our back issues (six of them already!).

Here’s wishing you a productive, happy, and simply wonderful Twenty Ten.