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February 2010


The Nostalgia of the New

by Chris Adamson

An iPhone developer reflects on the iPad and the hype surrounding its announcement.

iPad Roundtable

interviewed by Michael Swaine

Is Apple’s latest creation a game changer? Some smart Apple watchers weigh in.

Barriers to Agility

by Johanna Rothman

Johanna shows how to thread the barriers to Agility when failure is not an option for your project.

Better CSS with Sass

by Brian Hogan

Brian shows off some of the magic of Sass, a DSL for generating stylesheets.

When Did That Happen?

by Dan Wohlbruck

In honor of Herman Hollerith’s 150th birthday, Dan surveys 100 years of information-recording technology.


Up Front

by Michael Swaine

Programming from punch cards to the iPad.

Choice Bits

Tweets, posts, and chatter on programming and life.

Get a Life

by Daniel Steinberg

Steve Jobs demos the iPad and delivers a subliminal word to the wise: Focus on the user.

The Working Geek

by Andy Lester

Andy Lester explains why you career will benefit from public speaking, and how to get started.

Swaine’s World

by Michael Swaine

Working with another person can change your perception of time.

The Quiz

by Michael Swaine

A monthly diversion at least peripherally related to programming.


Author sightings, partner events, and other notable happenings.

Shady Illuminations

by John Shade

John sees Google’s adventures in China as a road picture starring James Dean and directed by David Lynch, David Cronenberg, or Neill Blomkamp.

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