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What’s Hot

Top-Ten lists are passé—ours goes to 11. These are the top titles that folks are interested in currently, along with their rank from last month. This is based solely on direct sales from our online store.

1^NEWSeven Languages in Seven Weeks
2^3Hello, Android
3v2The RSpec Book
44Agile Web Development with Rails, Third Edition
5^10Beginning Mac Programming
6^NEWCode in the Cloud
7v1Metaprogramming Ruby
8v5iPhone SDK Development
9v7SQL Antipatterns
10^NEWExpressionEngine 2
11v6Programming Ruby 1.9

Nibbles from the News Desk

If you haven’t noticed yet, PragPub is now readable online in HTML format, as well as in the PDF, .epub, and .mobi formats we’ve always published in. This means that you can now link to individual articles, look something up in an article from a different machine without having to re-download the entire PDF, and so forth. You may, of course, be reading this article in HTML, in which case you probably have noticed that fact.

We’ve also tweaked our awesome publishing engine to take good advantage of the screen on the Apple iPad. As of this issue’s press date, your editor had not yet taken delivery on his iPad and, gadget freak and magazine junkie that he is, he was champing at the bit to see how PragPub will look on that device.

Metaprogramming Ruby has been getting a lot of attention lately. Author Paolo Perrotta admitted to enjoying the spotlight when the book was slashdotted. As Steve Peter points out, the discussion is classic.

Paolo’s related article in the March issue of PragPub (“Much Ado About Nothing”) stirred some discussion, too, which you can read in our Forum.

Speaking of Steve Peter, he’s had some nice feedback on his recent articles Our Daily Beer and Our Daily Bread. Seems like there are some dedicated homebrewers and home bakers in our family of readers.

And Jason Huggins points out that his PragPub article JavaScript: It’s Not Just for Browsers Any More generated a top post (“for this fleeting moment,” he wryly notes) at hacker news.

The hottest topic in the Forum right now is PragPub subscriptions. Kindle subscription, maybe, and/or an RSS feed for each article? A lot of you would like to see the magazine appear on your bookshelf every month. We’re looking into that, and here’s a tip adapted from the Forum:

In Stanza, navigate to Get Books/Shared/Book Sources, press “Add Book Source,” give it a name, and use this URL as catalog URL:

The complete catalog of PragPub magazine issues can now be browsed and downloaded from within Stanza.

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