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  Is it ten past eight already?  

What’s Hot

Top-Ten lists are passé—ours goes to 11. These are the top titles that folks are interested in currently, along with their rank from last month. This is based solely on direct sales from our online store.

1^NEWAgile Web Development with Rails 4th Edition
2^NEWiPad Programming
3^NEWRails Test Prescriptions
4v1Seven Languages in Seven Weeks
5^NEWDriving Technical Change
6^NEWCocoa Programming
7v3The RSpec Book
88iPhone SDK Development
9v2Hello, Android
10v4Agile Web Development with Rails, Third Edition
1111Programming Ruby 1.9

Sips from the Twitter Stream

Tweets from Kent Beck, Tim Bray, Chris Breen, Mike Clark, Cory Doctorow, John Dvorak, Chris Espinosa, Scott Hanselman, David Heinemeier Hansson, Penn Jillette, Mitch Kapor, Steven Levy, David Pogue, Jay Rosen, Robert Scoble, Nate Silver, Larry Tesler, Dave Thomas, Nick Turner, Jon Udell, Dean Wampler, Wil Wheaton, Tom Waits, Steve Wozniak, and others.

Epigrams and Ephemera

Doing metaprogramming in Java. Fighting generics. Feeling excited but slightly sordid.        — @timbray

maybe the reason for the devaluation of reputation is as much over-supply as it is under-demand — @kentbeck

since nobody can agree on singleton vs eigenclass vs metaclass, i propose we call it simpleton (it has a very narrow view of the world) — @deanwampler

We Do iPad

Reading a #pragpub on the #iPad. Wished that #pandora could be playing in the background. — @sigsegv

Our minds put new things in old categories. So iPad is a color backlit Kindle/Big iPod Touch/Newton sans writing/Alan Kay’s Dynabook/etc.#in — @nomodes

Loving reading the latest issue of the PragPub magazine on the iPad, just grab the ePub and sync to iBooks, @pragprog — @_DavidSmith

If Titanium from becomes collateral damage in Apple’s war on flash, I’ll help paint the picketing signs. — @dhh

Very cool. iPad Voiceover works with our epubs, reading them aloud. — @pragdave

It is clear that Apple is making the most interesting moves in the industry now. I can’t see a way anyone tears away mindshare from them. — @Scobleizer

No one was writing about the iPad so I thought I’d say something. — @stevenjayl

Scary Stuff

When corporations weaponize copyright to use against civilians, they use artists as human shields #debill — @doctorow

Apparently the #earthquake was upgraded to a 7.2, but I’m still seeing a 6.9 from the Russian judge. — @wilw

The wild parrots of Cupertino just came screaming through our parking lot. — @cdespinosa

Brief Dialog

@pragdave No opds for PragPub yet? — @TrevorBramble

@TrevorBramble — @pragdave

Need to Know

In Claradon, Texas, it's illegal to dust any public building with a feather duster. — @tomwaits

This article in Apr. PragPub articulates my frustrations with the Rails eco-system lately. Seaside is *slightly* better — @futuremint

It’s nuts that #JSON doesn’t define a literal syntax for dates and times. Every time I run into that, I want to lie down and take a nap. — @judell

I currently have a world-record 85 Microsoft EXCEL files open at the same time. — @fivethirtyeight

Many readers on the Internet are not so bright, so be sure to type s-l-o-w-l-y. — @FakeAPStylebook

@shiubox it’s a mispronunciation—my name is Dvorak NOT Dvo?ák. Note the difference. The two are pronounced differently. Pay attention. — @THErealDVORAK

Psyched that @pragprog has their monthly PragPub magazine in HTML format! Catching up on last month’s javascript content — @ben_anderson

Footnote: Pungle was passed down to me by my mother and part of everyday speech. I’ve used it for years and every editor has queried it. — @BodyofBreen

Sufis say: “No answer is also an answer.” Modern equivalent: “No tweet is also a tweet.” #nonduality #sufi — @mindheart

@WilliamShatner Hey Bil. Leonard here. Following you. Hope to see you soon — @TheRealNimoy

Reading tweets tagged #me less interesting than I'd expected. — @pragpub

Location, Location, Location

@SuperCoolTnicki you want me to tweet loud to see if anyone’s in downtown la? — @shanselman

“By being everywhere, yet in no exact place, WikiLeaks is, in effect, beyond the reach of any institution or government.” — @jayrosen_nyu

Deep Thoughts

Some publishers need Amazon & Apple because publishers have no relationship with their readers. But… — @pragdave

…Amazon and Apple are _why_ some publishers have no relationship with their readers. Chicken, meet egg. — @pragdave

I saw Groundhog Day on cable again. Ironically, it was exactly the same as last time. — @mkapor

MTV has moved the air date for my “Cribs.” Maybe they figured out that easter is more traditionally basketball than Atheist magicians. — @pennjillette

Is it the end of a decade? Doesn’t feel like it. 2010 just feels like its going to be ten past eight. — @GarlicT

segway sundays can’t be beat — @woz

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