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  Author sightings, partner events, and other notable happenings.  

Author Appearances


  • Aug 11–13, 19th USENIX Security Symposium, Washington, D.C.
    Whether you’re a researcher, a system administrator, or a policy wonk, come to USENIX Security ’10 to find out how changes in computer security are going to affect you. The 3-day program includes an innovative technical program, starting with a keynote address by Roger G. Johnston of the Vulnerability Assessment Team at Argonne National Laboratory; invited talks, including “Toward an Open and Secure Platform for Using the Web,” by Will Drewry, Google; a refereed papers track, including 30 papers presenting the newest advances; and a Poster session displaying the latest preliminary research. Gain valuable knowledge on a variety of subject areas, including detection of network attacks, privacy, Internet security, Web security, and more. Register by July 19 and save! Additional discounts available!

O’Reilly Events

  • July 19–23, Portland, OR
    At OSCON you’ll participate in hundreds of sessions covering open source languages and platforms, practical tutorials that go deep into technical skill and best practices, inspirational keynote presentations, an Expo Hall featuring dozens of the latest projects and products, fun networking events and activities, and the best “hallway track” around.

Other Happenings

  • July 9
    Browser pioneer Marc Andreessen is 39.
  • July 16
    VisiCalc co-creator Dan Bricklin is 59.
  • Aug 9
    Alfred Aho, co-creator of AWK language, is 69.
  • Aug 11
    Steve Wozniak is 60.
  • Aug 20
    Game developer John Carmack is 40.
  • Aug 21
    Linus Torvalds announces Linux project, 1991.
  • Aug 29
    Boy genius Stephen Wolfram is 51.
  • Sept 1
    This month the GNU Project turns 27.
  • Sept 2
    First message sent over Internet, 1969.
  • Sept 2
    sendmail creator Eric Allman is 55.
  • Sept 4
    LISP creator and AI pioneer John McCarthy is 83.
  • Sept 9
    C creator Dennis Ritchie is 69.
  • Sept 10
    Space tourist Charles Simonyi is 62.
  • Sept 27
    Perl creator Larry Wall is 56.