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Choice Bits

Hey Andy, did you hear about this one?

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  A few selected sips from the Twitter stream.  

What’s Hot

Top-Ten lists are passé—ours goes to 11. These are the top titles that folks are interested in currently, along with their rank from last month. This is based solely on direct sales from our online store.

11Agile Web Development with Rails
3^NEWSQL Antipatterns
4^5The RSpec Book
5v3iPad Programming
6v4Hello, Android
7v2The Agile Samurai
9v7Seven Languages in Seven Weeks
10^NEWiPhone SDK Development
11v10Programming Ruby 1.9

Good to Know

The incomparable wisdom of the tweet.

Counting packets is the new counting cycles. — @mtnygard

One snapshot of a code base doesn't tell you much. Two snapshots and you have a vector. Three or more and you have trends. — @mfeathers

alligator cell tower: “all mouth no ears” rabbit cell tower “all ears no mouth” — @codinghorror

My next book will be ‘Wikipedia Brown,’ about a boy detective who solves crimes by getting his friends to do all the work. — @cshirky

Art critics can study brush strokes for 100s of years but only the artist knows how the smell of paint guided the work. — @WardCunningham

completed tdd screen casts two weeks ago, they came out yesterday, & prags cut my first royalty check today. are you listening pearson? — @KentBeck

Every time I get irritated with OpenOffice, it just makes me more impressed at how well it emulates MS Office. — @hardtaught

Who exactly promised us flying cars back in the day, and why is it the only thing we've managed to remember for more than 20 years? — @shelly

Cloudy with a Chance of Vuvuzela

Sleepless in Seattle?

The sky over Portland is the color of television, tuned to a dead channel (in 1983). — @wilw

I just realized that it is all too obvious why cloud computing is at home in Seattle. — @jeffbarr

Post vuvuzela hell, the patter of heavy summer rain outside my window feels like thousands of angels massaging my eardrums. — @craigmod

Which is more annoying: The vuvuzela or discussion of them? — @petdance

Note: I did not invent the ASCII vuvuzela. I am merely a player. — @jkottke

Vacation Tweets

Everybody’s summer vacation is different.

Now up, a v3-ized map of all the toilets in Australia, complete with clustering, tile layers, and simplified polys. #devfestau — @pamelafox

Got out of Powell's for $30. I'm extremely proud of my restraint, and commitment to keeping my suitcase under weight when I fly home. — @wilw

Incredible trip to Nigeria – determined & getting closer to eradicating polio. Government, partners & Nigerians are committed & inspiring — @BillGates

Safely made it to Bedford, IN. Let the good times roll! — @squarepegsys

Crimes and Misdemeanors

Hiring advice from the AP Stylebook.

Illegal immigrant is the preferred term for someone who has entered the country illegally. Do not use an illegal. — @APStylebook

Best thing about coffeescript: You will not be shot on sight if you don't use CamelCase. — @burkelibbey

When “Anna Chapman” bought her untraceable cellphone on Saturday, she gave a false name, and the address “99 Fake Street.” #TooGoodToBeTrue — @maddow

As appropriate as it may seem, references to the game "Frogger" have no place in pedestrian death stories. — @FakeAPStylebook

The Horror

Using a modified version of the kind of spectral imaging technology developed for the military and for monitoring agriculture, research scientists have reconstructed the long-lost first draft of K&R (&L).

Playing the game of Tetris that is my email inbox and losing. They're coming in faster than I can make them disappear! — @ginatrapani

It’s amazing how burpy you can get after a trip to the dentist. So much air swallowed! — @petdance

The C Programming Language, Brian W Kernighan & Dennis M Ritchie & HP Lovecraft — @alexey_r

Retweeted is the New Slashdotted

This month we eavesdropped on the twitterflow of a whole bunch of folks—possibly including you—and gathered tweets from AP Stylebook, Jeff Atwood, Jeff Barr, Kent Beck, Shelly Brisbin, Ward Cunningham, Fake AP Stylebook, Michael Feathers, Pamela Fox, Bill Gates, Mike Hostetler, Jason Kottke, Andy Lester, Burke Libbey, Rachel Maddow, Craig Mod, Travis Nelson, Michael Nygard, Alexey Romanov, Clay Shirky, Gina Trapani, and Wil Wheaton.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Tomatoes

Class is over. They finished in 3 tomatoes. They done good. — @squarepegsys

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