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  A few selected sips from the Twitter stream.  

What’s Hot

Top-Ten lists are passé—ours goes to 11. These are the top titles that folks are interested in currently, along with their rank from last month. This is based solely on direct sales from our online store.

11Agile Web Development with Rails
3^NEWTest Driven Development
4^5Hello, Android
5v3The RSpec Book
6v4iPad Programming
7^8Seven Languages in Seven Weeks
8^NEWDriving Technical Change
9^10Programming Ruby 1.9
10v7The Agile Samurai
11^NEWRails Test Prescriptions

Enjoy this full-on double rainbow of hues and cries from the likes of Kent Beck, Emily Chang, David Conrad, Fred Davis, Jeri Ellsworth, Nigel Fenwick, Chad Fowler, Bill Gates, Tom Hanks, Simon Harris, Andy Hunt, Jennifer Jenkins, Mitch Kapor, Steven Levy, Brian Marick, Staffan Nöteberg, Michael Nygard, Conan O’Brien, Chris Oliver, Priscilla Oppenheimer, Brett Schuchert, Dave Thomas, Dori Smith, and Gina Trapani. Also enjoy their individual choices in spelling and punctuation. Because isn’t tweeting a warts-and-all kinda thing?

Twitter Is the Wellspring of Wisdom

Beware disciplined people who live in a fantasy world. — @marick

Android vs iPhone is like command line vs Windows. IPhone: wysiayg-what you see is all you get. Android: "you get what you can find" — @pragdave

Give someone a program, frustrate them for a day. Teach someone to program, frustrate them for a lifetime. — @excid3

The Yoda Methodology: "Do, or Do Not. There is no Try." Note that "Do Not" is a perfectly valid, if underutilized, approach. — @PragmaticAndy

The first tweet from a new computer is like first light for a new telescope, if a telescope was a vuvuzela. — @daiconrad

the problem with categories is that often what i'm looking for isn't one of them — @emilychang

Chinese Spell Checkers Make You Lose Your Marbles

Thinking about creating (or maybe Plz, tell me someone's already done it — @dori

Rmove a sngle vwel frm ech wrd n headlnes t sty currnt wth technlogy trnds lke flickr nd tumblr. — @FakeAPStylebook

Being a good writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the internet. — @NigelFenwick

Sigh. iPad spell correct turned "eval" into "veal". #nothelpful — @PragmaticAndy

When You Have Eliminated the Impossible, You May Have Thrown Out the Best Part

Sitting in a quiet zone. There's a guy talking to both his son and on cell phone. His voice goes: whisper LOUD whisper LOUD. — @Marick

Just explained TCP/IP metaphorically to a 6 years old -- including packet loss and resend. Now we're at the same knowledge level. — @staffannoteberg

When you think about it, humans must have co-existed with dinosaurs otherwise how would we know what they were called? — @haruki_zaemon

We're the first generation in history to deny our own culture to ourselves. #ORGcon — @elmyra

I have faith in my logic. And the dot product of faith and logic is 0. — @schuchert

My dog was born in Washington of Australian ancestors. When she wants to lie down she doesn’t know whether to turn clockwise or counter-clockwise. — @pragpub

A Thin Line Between Love and Raisins

Considering whether to cook The Pit of Unbearable Stench when @testobsessed comes by to pair. — @marick

I think one of my teammates is on drugs. Related: it's fun to make someone say "muscle relaxants" who's on them. — @mtnygard

by not solving problems people bring up, i collect frustration energy that i can use to motivate development — @KentBeck

The problem with a band showing up with ukulele and accordion is that expectations are set unreasonably high. Guaranteed disappointment. — @chadfowler

Sometimes I think the chinchillas only love us because we give them *r*a*i*s*i*n*s* — @marick

"You run like a blogger" — @ginatrapani

The Bugs, Dear Brutus, Are not in our Stars, but in Ourselves

Hey Appple, bad idea starting off your press conference by saying your competitors are flawed, too — @freddavis

BP's capped the well and Apple's giving away free iPhone sleeves. I sure picked the wrong week to invest in duct tape futures. — @pragpub

Increasingly, I'm valuing my unit test suites most for their ability to make me rethink settled decisions. Must see that frm end-to-end tsts — @mariock

I found a huge design flaw in my new iPhone. People get angry when I talk on it during a funeral. — @ConanOBrien

And Now for the Good News

99 percent of the way to #polio eradication. Learn why we cannot lose this battle. — @BillGates

Can't wait for the semantic web (aka Web 3.0) so I'm building some of it now. We must find the meaning lost in the vast sea of information! — @freddavis

Planning on making a light gun controlled pinball machine tonight. Nintendo zapper with IR emitter and photo transistors near each flipper. — @jeriellsworth

Copyright office makes clear it's legal to jailbreak your phone & circumvent DVD encryption for fair use — @mkapor

Geeks rejoice! Original MacPaint and QuickDraw source code now up at Computer History Msm. Congrats BIll & Andy! — @stevenjayl

15 Developer/Hacker Women to Follow on Twitter. Please follow me too :-) — @priscillaoppy

Wanna buy my old Prius – hacked for MAX mpg? $ go to Welcome Back Veterans. Auction. — @tomhanks

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