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Up Front

A Guru Meditation and Several Other Thoughts

by Michael Swaine

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This month we introduce a new column by Pragmatic Programmer Andy Hunt, titled “Guru Meditations.” I’m pretty sure you’re going to like it a lot.

As the editor here, I have the tedious duty of making sure that nobody misses the in-jokes and obscure references. So let me give you this image


and this link. That should suffice.

I’ve allocated myself a little extra space this issue to talk with you about what’s coming up in PragPub. You won’t want to miss our December issue, when we’ll focus on Ruby. And if you’ve ever considered writing a book, or even an article, you really owe it to yourself to catch our November issue on becoming a writer. I have no idea what will be in the October issue. I’d explain that to you, but we’d be getting into the integral calculus of publishing schedules, and I’ve already bored you once.

Back to the present. To the issue that you have in your hands—so to speak. It’s a little disorienting to think that you may be reading this on our website or as a pdf file that looks something like a print magazine or in an appropriate format on your cellphone or Kindle. But however you’re reading it, it’s the content that matters. So...

In this issue you’ll find articles by Agile coaching guru Rachel Davies, Agile and XP experts Jeff Langr and Tim Ottinger, Motorola Distinguished Member of Technical Staff Brian Tarbox, and computer historian Dan Wohlbruck. They share their expertise in building trust in Agile teams, developing Agile flash cards, the need for continuing education in software companies, and the history of robotics.

Plus, of course, our usual events calendar, choice bits from the twitterstream, quiz, and off-center insights from John Shade. I think you’ll like this issue.

Okay, this next part is personal.

I’ve been an editor of tech magazines for about 30 years now, and I’ve never been more impressed with the caliber of writers I’ve been privileged to work with than I am with the programmer/writers who contribute to PragPub. And I say that as someone who’s edited tech writers from Margaret Wozniak’s son to Courtney Love’s father. Over 50 bright, witty, and generous authors—so far—have contributed to making PragPub the worthwhile and entertaining resource that I like to think it is.

These writers meet the deadlines and put up with the edits I make to their words and come through with equanimity when I give them 24 hours to read the final proofs and then say, oh by the way, I need a 50-line bio and a picture immediately. And they do it for, as I phrase it, payment in fame and gratitude. They deserve more than they get of both.

So allow me to thank Chris Adamson, Jorge Aranda, Kent Beck, David Bock, Tony Bove, Daniel Brolund, Ed Burnette, Paul Butcher, Frederic Daoud, James Duncan Davidson, Rachel Davies, Scott Davis, Ian Dees, Bill Dudney, Ola Ellnstam, Chad Fowler, Eric T. Freeman, Adam Goucher, James Edward Gray II, Phil Haack, Stuart Halloway, Dan Haywood, Rich Hickey, Brian Hogan, Rob Holland, Dave Hoover, Mike Hostetler, Jason Huggins, Andy Hunt, John Jainschigg, David Koelle, Jeff Langr, Andy Lester, David McClintock, Jonathan McCracken, Staffan Nöteberg, Tim Ottinger, Alan Oppenheimer, Paolo Perrotta, Steve Peter, Noel Rappin, Jonathan Rasmusson, Craig Riecke, Johanna Rothman, Ben Scofield, Maik Schmidt, Liz Sedley, John Shade, Eric Smith, Daniel Steinberg, Brian Tarbox, Bruce Tate, Mike Taylor, Dave Thomas, Dan Wohlbruck, and Marcus S. Zarra.

Thank you for what you do.