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Tweets as Literature

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  A few selected sips from the Twitter stream.  

What’s Hot

Top-Ten lists are passé—ours goes to 11. These are the top titles that folks are interested in currently, along with their rank from last month. This is based solely on direct sales from our online store.

11Agile Web Development with Rails
2^NEWPragmatic Guide to JavaScript
3^NEWThe Agile Samurai
4v3The RSpec Book
55HTML5 and CSS3
6v4Hello, Android
7v2Pragmatic Guide to Git
88Seven Languages in Seven Weeks
9^NEWContinuous Testing with Ruby
10v7Programming Ruby 1.9
11^NEWPragmatic Guide to Subversion

One synonym for to follow is to succeed. Yeah, doesn’t make much sense to us either.

Where (most of) our authors are (by postal code). — @pragdave

The Tweeting Writer

I'd like to just sit in my chair / and work on my faraway stare. #couplet #micropoetry — @ldwilkinson

And their words to the root and the rock would echo down, down and the magic would hear and answer, faint as a falling butterfly. — @TwitterFiction

your => you're .... we were just talking about remedial apostrophe training for programmers this morning. — @jimweirich

anyone know how to correctly escape air quotes within air quotes? — @markryall

After you broke up with me, I got a call from imaginary you. She's not afraid of commitment or my family. We're getting married in the fall. — @VeryShortStory

Marriage cast a spell. You were my warlock in wedlock; I was your hitched witch. Time killed all our charms. We became divorced of any magic — @DeadEndFiction

Sadly I found, in her cupboard, / the works of L. Ron Hubbard. #couplet #micropoetry — @ldwilkinson

The Coding Life

Last night I dreamed I had to find a 1pF ceramic capacitor and some solder in time to save the Universe. I wonder what's in store tonight? — @undees

I might just be one of the geekiest people I know. Just help my wife setup a BaseCamp project for our home projects. — @tswicegood

It would never have occurred to me to outsource flirting on dating sites. The future is now! — @trevorburnham

Druidry recognized as a religion for first time in Britain — @cnnbrk

Isaac wants a new top level domain .arg in honor of talk like a pirate day — @bdudney

best. client. perk. ever. period. drove a 60-ton semi today at scania. awesome power. — @KentBeck

"Madagascar" and I both take credit for the fact that the toddler now refers to her mother and sister as "giant freaks." — @undees

it's so sad how Dr. Banner keeps getting run out of town, just for being different — @stuarthalloway


Sitting in a downtown coffee shop, doors open, listening to Dylan, sipping a hot steaming cup of "keeps me awake at night", slinging Grails. — @scottdavis99


Hanging in Starbucks working on article for prags upcoming October issue: — @jrasmusson

Don't ask me to fix your computer. I'm a software engineer; I break computers. — @unsaturated

Agility and Road Rash

Did #Jrubyconf5k in 33 minutes including < 1/2 mile of limping. At least it is a new type of pain. — @chadfowler

New Skin on road rash ... Stings; not recommended. — @mzarra

My wife just asked me if I've had my bike ride today, in the same tone a sitcom hubby would use to ask his wife if she's had her Midol yet. — @undees

Just realized why lifting the weights was suddenly so hard, they're in Kg and not LB, darn it. — @venkat_s

Loved the Movie, Hated the ’book

The Facebook movie (The Social Network) was well worth it. Seeing wget used appropriately in a mainstream Hollywood movie was nice. — @scottdavis99

Aaron Sorkin did a great job and made a movie which I thought I would despise interesting. Loved the @CoupaCafe reference and I am happy... — @dalmaer

The Social Network soundtrack is great, Nine Inch Nails chiptunes — @codinghorror

The White House is proposing a way to spy on suspects while they're online. The plan is called "Signing them up for Facebook." — @ConanOBrien

If Scorsese makes a movie about Foursquare I'm going to kill myself. — @claytoncubitt

Duly Noted

MYTH BUSTED: The average person does NOT swallow 8 spiders a year while asleep! Where did this myth originate? --> — @OMGFacts

Ever have one of those amazing meetings where everything clicks, people are taking notes and stuff gets done? Me neither. — @shanselman

Personally, I think the user is a better starting point than "requirements". — @ambroselittle

"New Media" experts are just "Old Media" experts trying to survive. — @MrAlanCooper

There always seem to be more drunks in the first class cabin. — @mzarra

Language Warts

Looking through Ruby's standard libraries is like taking a tour around Unix ca.2000. Perhaps it's time gemify some of this stuff. #ruby192 — @pragdave

"When C++ is your hammer, everything starts to look like your thumb." — @focus

every message send in a program built of objects is a case statement waiting to happen — @KentBeck

Ruby's Enumerable module—so called because its methods are barely — @pragdave

(How to Write a (Lisp) Interpreter (in Python)) – 90 lines of Norvig code, roughly equal to 5k LOC of mortals — @stilkov

On a related note, it seems 21 Peter Norvig Python lines equal 18 Rich Hickey Clojure lines: — @stilkov

The Reviews Are In

Dr Dobbs review of iPad Programming: "quite a bargain, given the smart and concise way the authors demonstrate iPad-specific features" — @PragmaticAndy

Heh: The Pragmatic Programmer is the most popular book in the ACM "Programming" Online Bookshelf. Pretty cool... — @pragdave

Today, Pomodoro Technique Illustrated is 2nd in Time Management-Bestseller at David Allen/GTD is 1st. (Sept 22) — @staffannoteberg

Today, I'm the top story in CFO World magazine (in Swedish) (Sept 29) — @staffannoteberg

Wind in the sails! First review for Agile Samurai from Dr. Dobbs: — @jrasmusson

In a Manner of Speaking

I didn't realize all of this talk about "unmanned drones" was actually referring to Congress... — @PragmaticAndy

I cannot express how happy I am that 'Little Bobby Tables' is gaining ground as a nickname for SQL injections — @bscofield

"Servers are melting from all the excitement"?! Not acceptable spin for "our devops can't predict/handle load." — @tswicegood

I'd suggest you stop shooting yourself in the foot, but I'd hate to take the one thing you're good at away from you. — @UrCodinItWrong

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