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The Quiz

What’s the Missing Number?

by Michael Swaine

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I have a really easy one for you this month. All you have to do is to identify the missing number in this sequence:

  • 19

  • 27

  • 37

  • ?

  • 47

  • 113

  • 114

  • 1138

The answer can be found in many places. It was even, coincidentally, provided in an earlier issue of this magazine. But you should work it out on your own. And to fully solve the quiz, you should also explain what these numbers have in common and what particular significance each number has. I await your solution.

Solution to Last Issue’s Quiz

Alas, I made a few errors in the statement of last month’s quiz, rendering it unsolvable. What a bonehead. Thanks to the ingenuity of certain readers who figured out the problem, corrected the statement of the quiz, and solved it, the mess I created got sorted out on the Forum very quickly. I refer you there for the solution.