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Your Halloween Costume

Release Your Inner “Geak”

by Jeremy Bingham

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  Just in time for Halloween, Jeremy discovers this “Geak” costume. And the price is hard to beat, at least if you buy it at Goodwill.  

Have you ever wanted to dress up like a geek for All Saint’s Day, but were concerned that you might not look revolting enough, or that you weren’t getting your daily allotment of unusual substances? Look no further. Courtesy of the Chinese and Goodwill, I present: GEAK Instant.


Do not be forgetting to read the important instructions for maximal usefulosity. I heartily recommend this costume for football games and All Saint’s Day, but your results may vary. Excellent for giving the vital force.


A note from the editor: Whatever humor there is in the above is directed at marketing managers of any nationality who ignore the importance of localization in products intended for foreign markets, not at the Chinese people, who are admirable, numerous, and might want to consider hiring me to help them with localization issues. I’ve lived in the US my whole life, and I work cheap.

The full kit on display at Goodwill. Note the price sticker.


This article was first published in a slightly different form on October 21, 2009 on

Jeremy Bingham’s “day job” is to be the tech guy at Daily Kos, and he started (Hey, you can register Ugandan domains!) to post about some of the weird stuff he’s come across working behind the scenes over there. Jeremy is also a co-founder of the SB Nation network of sports blogs, overseeing the technical aspects of that venture. He is an avid amateur historian and enjoys old science fiction books. Jeremy has real tech cred, as evidenced by his very pragmatic A Way to Scale Your Blog advice, published three days before that site posted its twenty millionth comment.

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