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  A few selected sips from the Twitter stream.  

What’s Hot

Top-Ten lists are passé—ours goes to 11. These are the top titles that folks are interested in currently, along with their rank from last month. This is based solely on direct sales from our online store.

1^2Agile Web Development with Rails
2^3The RSpec Book
3v1Crafting Rails Applications
4^6Hello, Android
55Seven Languages in Seven Weeks
6v4Programming Ruby 1.9
7^NEWiPhone SDK Development
8^NEWThe Definitive ANTLR Reference
9^NEWCocoa Programming
10v7HTML5 and CSS3
11^NEWLearn to Program

Inquiring Minds Couldn’t Care Less

Twitter is a great place to ask those questions that you just have to ask but that nobody’s going to answer.

Why the heck does it take Leopard so long to install? — @HuntHenning

Do you write Cucumber features in Romanian? — @aslak_hellesoy

Don’t you play music when you code? — @louielouie

Do you use to see how property you used to own is doing? — @davewiner

Are you a Groovy guy, then, looking for some cool tips and finding none? — @SamirTalwar

Don’t all good projects start with a ‘G’? — @matthewmccull

Can you contribute to mine instead of maintaining your own? — @edavis10

Who will do for Prolog what Clojure has done for Lisp? — @puredanger

Anyone in the twitterverse have a recommendation for a hair-clogged drain? — @squarepegsys

Any recommendations for a good work-friendly coffee shop around Lincolnwood/Rogers Park? — @eng

What iPad applications are a must for me to try out? — @JEG2

Are we witnessing Agile Bread Development? — @dimsumthinking

Wait, what? When? — @rit

Damn, the word “acknowledgements” is so long. Can we call it A14S from now on? — @bphogan


You did it! You totally have the right to brag.

First review of Japanese Pomodoro Technique Illustrated comes from Gordon Pask awarded Kenji Hiranabe — @staffannoteberg

#GQuick has another 5-star review: "The best 200 pages of technical literature I have ever read." — @daveklein

Just blogged: Driving Technical Change book review— — @pragdave

First audio interview describing the genesis of the Agile Samurai is now available via Pragmatic Bookshelf— — @jrasmusson

It’s official, I’ll be joining Microsoft as the GM for System Experience in the Interactive Entertainment Business: — @rahulsood

I earned the Radiohead(50) sticker on @GetGlue! — @chadfowler

New on Why I’m better than the banking industry. — @Ihnatko

Yay, only 15 failures left in my test suite. Then on to all the prototype JS stuff that no longer works. #rails3upgrade — @bphogan

Tweets of Science

Scientists link size of amygdala to size, complexity of person’s social networks. — @hrheingold

Ray Kurzweil reckons he knows how to live forever. So how’s that working out for him so far? — @newscientist

Would a hamster & a dog survive if dropped from on high? The RI Christmas lectures—BBC 4: 28, 29, 30 Dec, 8 pm — @newscientist

The t-distribution in statistics was invented by the guy responsible for quality control in the Guinness Brewery. Another triumph for beer. — @marick

Mathematics is the only subject that many people BRAG about hating. — @janetbyronander

Solar panels for your pants. — @GuyKawasaki

The Coding Life

A woman tells her programmer husband: “Get me a quart of milk? And if they have eggs, get a dozen.” He comes back with 12 quarts of milk. — @bphogan

I just found myself touching a word in a paper book, hoping to get a definition. — @pragdave

When working against deadlines involving computers, don’t get your eyes dilated by the optometrist. #lessonlearnetoolate #cantfocus — @adamgoucher

The easiest way to shut down WikiLeaks would be to have Yahoo acquire it. — @hblodget

One good way to learn your bug fix was correct: People complain that their “loophole” code stopped working because of the bugfix. — @rit

Opportunity lost: “Welcome to day one at your new job, here’s a memo about the dress code.” — @theworkinggeek

Listening to the Tron soundtrack while I code makes me feel way, way cooler than I actually am. — @benrady

Tweets of Wisdom

There is no writing, only rewriting. There is no coding, only refactoring. There is no testing, only feedback. — @PragmaticAndy

Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution. — @cshirky

If people are not trying to hire your employees, you have the wrong employees. And if they leave, you have the wrong model. — @adamgoucher

Job boards no more “help” you find a job than a billboard “helps” you find a new pair of shoes. — @theworkinggeek

Efficient is othogonal to Effective! — @staffannoteberg

It says a lot about humanity that the word “hypocrite” has no antonym. — @trevorburnham

I haven’t read the #pomodoro book yet, but just thinking about it makes me focus more. — @javaHelena

The senti-mentalist: “Think of a card. Maybe it was your favorite card from back-porch games of Whist with your grandfather….” — @undees

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. — @DalaiLama

Snow Tip: The other people out shoveling are called “neighbors.” They are like Facebook friends who live nearby. — @pourmecoffee

Life Is Frustrating, but then a Cool App Comes Along, and Everything’s Great

I’ve failed after 4 attempts to enter the right Capcha on this registration site—I am no longer human. — @venkat_s

“Nor can we currently ship Nexus S orders to Canadian addresses.” #foiled — @adamgoucher

Isle of Man is crazy. As part of the entry you have to assure them the cost of transporting your corpse is already covered. — @wolever

#amigos can call it a Crisp Meat Burrito all they want; they’ll never convince me that the name is more than 2/3 true. — @scottdavis99

Gave a demo of Word Lens to my wife. Thought she was going to pass out. — @eng

Gonna be a lot of angry frat boys when Word Lens starts translating Kanji tattoos. — @ryanirelan

London kids throwing snowballs at me in the street. Hit one back in the face. Fun! — @aslak_hellesoy

After much soul-searching, we decided to clean up the spelling and punctuation and so forth in the tweets we found. So the people credited actually said what we credited them with saying, but not necessarily precisely how we said they said it. This month those people included Dion Almaer, Janet Byron Anderson, Henry Blodget, Trevor Burnham, Eric Davis, Ian Dees, Luis de la Rosa, Brian Eng, Chad Fowler, Adam Goucher, James Edward Gray II, Aslak Hellesøy, Hobie Henning, Helena Hjertén, Brian Hogan, Mike Hostetler, Andy Hunt, Andy Ihnatko, Ryan Irelan, Guy Kawasaki, Dave Klein, Dalai Lama, Andy Lester, Brendan W. McAdams, Matthew J McCullough, Brian Marick, Alex Miller, New Scientist, Staffan Nöteberg, @pourmecoffee, Ben Rady, Jonathan Rasmusson, Howard Rheingold, Clay Shirky, Rahul Sood, Daniel Steinberg, Venkat Subramaniam, Samir Talwar, Dave Thomas, Dave Winer, and David Wolever. Fair is fair: you can follow us on twitter.

Twitter is now complete. @slightlylate has joined the party. Call it done! — @dalmaer