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Up Front

Punk Rock Languages

by Michael Swaine

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This month Chris Adamson delivers a sprited polemic on what he calls punk rock languages. You may agree or disagree with his arguments, but you can’t deny that they cut to the heart of how we do our work as programmers. If you find the subject interesting, you can follow further punk rock programming thoughts at @punkrockcode.

Like most software disciplines, testing gets tricky at the boundaries. It’s great when the code is all under your control, but in the modern programming environment of Web services and the cloud, you have to deal with some extra issues. In this issue, Noel Rappin takes on testing for Web services and Adam Goucher looks at what it takes to test for the cloud.

Tim Ottinger and Jeff Langr are back with another in their series on big ideas in software, this time looking at software volatility. Theorizing that the more often a file changes, the more likely it is to result in a code defect, they consider how to reduce and deal with software volatility.

Jonathan Rasmusson’s “Way of the Agile Warrior” deals with a fundamental issue this month: trust, how to earn it, and the freedom and power it buys you.

Dan Wohlbruck’s back with another history article this month, the Quiz returns with a tricky puzzle about relationships, and John Shade ponders train wrecks and burning platforms.