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Top 11 books, tweets from the coding life, and better beer through Arduino hacking...

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  If you can’t do it with an Arduino, is it really worth doing?  

What’s Hot

Top-Ten lists are passé—ours goes to 11. These are the top titles that folks are interested in currently, along with their rank from last month. This is based solely on direct sales from our online store.

1^NEWiOS Recipes
2v1Agile Web Development with Rails
33The RSpec Book
4^NEWProgramming Concurrency on the JVM
55Crafting Rails Applications
6^7Programming Ruby 1.9
7v4Rails Test Prescriptions
8v2Hello, Android
99Seven Languages in Seven Weeks
10v6HTML5 and CSS3
11^NEWPragmatic Thinking and Learning

My Arduino

Why would you want to buy and program an open-source, single-board microcontroller? Why, to improve your home-brewed beer, of course!

Wooh! got our #arduino powered 1950s telephone up and running! #knowledgelives — @bluec

Making a temperature logger for my fermentation with an #arduino Gonna be interesting :) #homebrew — @stoffers

Etch a Sketch clock: #awesome #maker #arduino — @erinldoyle

Arduino Tic-Tac-Toe #arduino — @tipie

A networked candy grabber #arduino — @dboardman

Spent a very interesting afternoon writing laser harp control software in #arduino. — @moray_macdonald

Made a bunch of optimizations on the #oracle database. Now everything is running smoothly on an #arduino. I'm very proud of myself! — @cscmeu

How to Make a Brain-controlled Device #arduino — @romainsauvez

HIDUINO: Your #Arduino is Now A #MIDI Interface — @jocequelo

Monkey Automatons! #arduino — @tipie

This Coding Life

I'm missing out. Apparently, I need to stop coding so much and spend more time on twitter arguing about how best to write code. — @benrady

I also feel that "fast-paced work environment" means "disorganized with lots of overtime." — @bphogan

Have to say this again: Regex section of Stackoverflow is the outstanding late Saturday night infotainment — @staffannoteberg

I may be the last living human who remembers using submit and supersub in CP/M. — @tottinge

@coreyhaines As context-driven testers, we've named at least three contexts in which context-driven is a bad idea. Craft demands that. — @michaelbolton

You know what keeps me grounded? The aluminum case on my MacBook Pro. #shocking — @benrady

SpacebarOnTheMacQuitWorkingTakingItToTheGeninusBar — @venkat_s

Need to Know

Dogs are the new fashion exercise accessory. /via @khoi — @tswicegood

Antique clown shoes: The nouvelle vague of hipsterism — @noradio

Acid test: RT @Fritinancy: RT @Mxrk: Adding lime juice to any recipe is low-cal way to find out if you have any paper cuts — @makower

ProTip: calling self when you mean to call super can lead to bad, bad things happening. — @jeff_lamarche

Today was better than yesterday. Tomorrow will be better than today. And so on. #recursion #tailcalloptimization — @chadfowler

note to self: laptop as alarm clock works best when plugged into wall #savebytriplelyredundantalarms — @adamgoucher

Must be just about leave-secret-iPhone-in-a-bar time of year. (via @drewmccormack) — @dimsumthinking

nothing says "viable and sustainable business model" like building an app on top of a service owned by someone else. — @bphogan

Ceg?owski's first law of Internet business: "Never get in the way of people trying to give you money" — @tottinge

Why does my iPhone insist on correcting thing to thong? Amusing, but not helpful. — @duncan

This month we were tuned to the tweeting channel of David Boardman, Michael Bolton, James Duncan Davidson, Erin Doyle, Chad Fowler, Adam Goucher, Corey Haines, Brian Hogan, knowledgelives, Jeff Lamarche, Moray Macdonald, Joel Makower, Marcel Molina, Staffan Nöteberg, Christophe Nowicki, Tim Ottinger, Tius Piepin, Jocelyne Quélo, Ben Rady, Romain Sauvez, Kristoffer Sivertsen, Daniel Steinberg, Venkat Subramaniam, and Travis Swicegood. Feel free to tune us in. Those who would follow tweets must suffer their tweets to be followed.