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PragPub, May 2011

Table of Contents


  • by Trevor Burnham
    Trevor takes us on a tour of some of the ways this hot new language improves on JavaScript.
  • by Jared Richardson
    Today’s software shops are often run like WWI military operations. It’s time to get out of the trenches.
  • by Brian Tarbox
    When everything is crashing down around you, sometimes the best thing you can do is to let it crash.
  • by Jeff Langr, Tim Ottinger
    Jeff and Tim take a break from their recent articles on agile practices to reflect on their personal experiences with agile practices, and specifically extreme programming (XP).
  • by Dan Wohlbruck
    How a hand-written document composed on a train ride drove computer architecture for half a century.


  • by Michael Swaine
    On CoffeeScript, the illuminating power of a good metaphor, and a Sudoku solution.
  • The CoffeeScript controversy, Arduino feedback, misunderstanding the boiling frog metaphor, and other twittery.
  • by Andy Hunt
    A truly agile project team lives on the edge of chaos.
  • by Jonathan Rasmusson
    Imagining all the ways the system could fail can blind you to seeing how to make it succeed. Never be afraid to ask, “What if it just worked?”
  • Author sightings, upcoming conferences, and all the coverage of the royal wedding that you will ever need.
  • by John Shade
    John casts a jaundiced eye at the recent storm in the realm of cloud computing and introduces a bovine metaphor.