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Ballad of a Thin Medium

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  Something is happening here and the twittersphere knows what it is.  

What’s Hot

Top-Ten lists are passé—ours goes to 11. These are the top titles that folks are interested in currently, along with their rank from last month. This is based solely on direct sales from our online store.

2v1Agile Web Development with Rails
33Crafting Rails Applications
44Programming Ruby 1.9
55The RSpec Book
7^NEWMetaprogramming Ruby
8^NEWRails Test Prescriptions
9v2iOS Recipes
10^NEWContinuous Testing
11^NEWExceptional Ruby

The Stuff We Have to Put Up With

Holy crap, Internet. STOP SHOWING ME ADS FOR SHOES. I bought ONE PAIR from you MONTHS ago. Don’t make me kick you with them! — @SaraMG

Dear LinkedIn, I don’t need a reminder; I know you exist. Sending me this many mails about people I don’t know makes me wish you didn’t. — @terriko

Check out how I am sick of my clojure feed being filled up with how I solved 4Clojure problem n #clojure. — @abedra

This Coding Life

The talent agent that shares the floor with my office is still on AOL. I hear “you’ve got mail!” throughout the day. It’s not ironic. — @snipeyhead

Going to an ironic cocktail party themed party tonight and a costume party 12k race tomorrow morning. Ah, SF. — @harthvader

It’s said that 10,000 hours makes you an expert at something, and I just realized I’m at 10,000 tweets. Does that make me an expert tweeter? — @pamelafox

Flickr notified me that I was tagged in a photo but my name was spelled wrong. How did it know it was me? — @yardi

I find your lack of pants disturbing. #replaceawordinastarwarslinewithpants — @darthvader

Funniest thing I’ve heard RE: C++ —When the only hammer you have is C++ every problem looks like your thumb. — @bdudney

Haven’t written this in a while: public static void main (String[] arrrImAPirate) { } — @invalidname

A simple regex can make life so much better. — @cdwarren

Entropy as a Service. #eaas #thankmelater — @abedra

On a bus going to a secret location! Might not be secret, maybe they told us and I wasn’t listening. #zeitgeistym — @anna_debenham

I know induction works because it has worked reliably in the past. — @stuarthalloway

Oh Randall. :) One for the geek feminists! - Marie Curie — @ginatrapani

Bears and Other Thirsty Things

Thirsty Bear was mobbed, watching 3d YouTube with 2 color glasses fun. Dinner at Mel’s now. #io2011 — @eburnette

My review is coming up at work. My boss just informed me that he is going to rate me a "2-needs development" on drink ordering. — @snipeyhead

Looking up the nutritional content of Rum during an office discussion on Scurvy. — @Poshy

...& many folks report that drinking makes it easier for them to not be shy. But, people, you can’t just get drunk every day. Doesn’t scale. — @pamelafox

Also, free beer to anyone who can distract Ward Cunningham long enough to make sure he doesn’t attend my session. #intimidated #osbridge — @ElizabethN

What It Is

Clojure; It’s the new Ruby! — @slagyr

“It’s in Dropbox” is the new “It’s on the wiki.” — @anildash

Planking—it’s the new vogueing. — @BXGD

Whiskey wine—it’s the new pear cider!! — @liammcguire

Popular in Canada, it’s the new big in Japan. #eurovision — @bowendesign

Amish. it’s the new hipster. RT @Holl_x: Amish twerker party — @Liz_Money

I’m pretty sure this bus is fueled by desperation. It’s the new bio-fuel, I’m told. — @sketchset

People had better get used to gas prices at around $4/gallon. It’s the New Normal. — @RockDots

And yes, Alabama is wearing camo hats. It’s the new houndstooth. — @WarBlogle

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