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Patent Nonsense

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  Maybe I should run a patent search on stringing tweets together in interesting patterns.  

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Top-Ten lists are passé—ours goes to 11. These are the top titles that folks are interested in currently, along with their rank from last month. This is based solely on direct sales from our online store.

11Designed for Use
2^NEWThe Cucumber Book
4v2Agile Web Development with Rails
5v4iOS Recipes
6^NEWNew Programmer's Survival Manual
7v5The RSpec Book
8v7Programming Ruby 1.9
9^NEWContinuous Testing
10^11Crafting Rails Applications
11v9Seven Languages in Seven Weeks

Patent Nonsense

As it turns out, everything in the world is made of tiny pieces we can’t see with the human eye, called “patent agreements.” — @bindr

How can Amazon patent one click purchase? I think bars invented this hundreds of years ago, it’s called a tab. — @phillryu

#ihavenotolerance for the Federal Gov’t saying cannabis has no medical value, when they own a patent that proves it is medical. — @cannabisstrains

#US grants #patent for submitting and evaluating electronic forms. In 2010. — @tha_sun

Looks like we won’t be needing a cat anymore: Apple secures patent on preventing headphone tangles. #apple — @vrokreddit2

Lodsys claiming “more games” section falls under their patent is just ridiculous. — @loadedwino

Hang on a minute. I knew IBM had a lot of patents, but they appear to have a 2007 patent on patent trolling. — @fastchicken

How “Patent Trolling” Taxes Innovation: 97% of patent infringement suits are settled before trial. — @freakonomics

#Android is in serious trouble after ITC judge finds #HTC in infringement of two very fundamental #Apple patents — @FOSSpatents

These tech-world patent-infringement lawsuits are starting to resemble the Mexican standoff at the end of Reservoir Dogs. — @nkolakowski

2011-2012 will be called as patent war years. Each vendor trying to override patents from others. That’s lawyers’ time. Creators on vacation. — @eldarmurtazin

Congress is on the verge of passing the first patent reforms in 60 years. — @IncMagazine

Patent Reform Stalled in the Senate Thanks to Debt Ceiling. — @ipwatchdog

When You Put It That Way just makes me want to tweet.

“Well, actually...” is a good way to identify jerks. Other identifying phrases: “Pro tip: ...” and “Uh, no.” — @petdance

Add “We realize you have many choices for” to other such unwelcome phrases as “We need some time apart” and “Mommy and Daddy love you, but.” — @BodyofBreen

I hate the phrase “We apologize for any inconvenience.” You know full well there is an inconvenience, please just acknowledge it. — @chrisjpowers

I’m not sure I’m on twitter for all this “replace word with duck” and “add in your pants” to film titles. — @codemonkeyism

I hate when people say “to coin a phrase” when they’re not. If you’re using a cliché, you’re not coining anything! :[ — @scyrene

I hate the phrase “maintain a web presence”. It sounds like a poltergeist. — @BruceLaBruce

I’ll Link to That

Jul 12, 2011: Happy 1st B’day to Neptune. Discovered in 1846, today marks 1 full orbit since the Sept 24th night it was found. — @neiltyson

Twitter, then called Twttr, opened to the public five years ago today [July 15]. — @twitter

“Pastafarian” wins religious freedom right to wear pasta strainer for driving license. — @marick

LOVE THIS. All the winners of the @google science fair are GIRLS!!!! h/t to @jomc — @jennydeluxe

Invokedynamic will lead to a rediscovery of dynamic languages on the JVM, and a new renaissance of dynlang implementations. — @headius

Awesome! Directions from Portland, OR to Tokyo, Japan, including “Kayak across the Pacific Ocean.”… — @rael

Mystery Train Sometime Have Loco Motive

The shuttle is taking a year’s worth of supplies to the ISS. There are no more shuttle missions. Who is manning the ISS? — @alancfrancis

Why would a company called Franco-American make Italian food? — @rit

Why does VanMorrison make me feel so happy? — @tottinge

Received a CSV without the commas. Guess it’s a *.v file? — @brynary

One thing worse than tests mysteriously failing, is when they mysteriously pass. — @david_harvey

Fan Tweets

Great issue of PragPub released today. “The Clojure Issue” — @redinger

So much about #clojure, I love you #pragpub.… — @blogytalky

Epic issue of the free & awesome PragPub magazine released today by the Pragmatic Programmers. The Clojure Issue. — @publicfarley

@pragpub It’s a great issue, would be good to see more language dedicated issues in the future! — @matty_jwilliams

This Clojure DSL article by Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant is absolutely top-notch. PragPub issue 25 — @chrishouser

@QualityFrog @AntonyMarcano :-) I was glad to find Michael Swaine at @pragpub and now reminded to find @JerryPournelle. & revisit @judell. — @ponderings

Jerry's here: — @pragpub

Enduring Truths

If you’re easily confused, you’ll never be bored. — @scarycookies

Whoever said “you can’t take it with you” clearly didn’t have a minivan. — @PragmaticAndy

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