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September 2011


Scala for the Intrigued

by Venkat Subramaniam

With this issue we launch a new series on the Scala programming language by Venkat Subramaniam.

Scala Traits

by Brian Tarbox

Brian shares one reason to consider Scala even if you are not interested in functional programming.

The Only Agile Tools You’ll Ever Need

by Jeff Langr, Tim Ottinger

The very first value of agile emphasizes “individuals and interactions over processes and tools.” But that doesn’t mean “don’t use tools.”

When Did That Happen?

by Dan Wohlbruck

Dan takes us back in time again, to the birth of the ATM. That was in this month in 1969.


Up Front

by Michael Swaine

This month kicks off a new series on the Scala language and a series of Pragmatic Bookshelf staff profiles.

Choice Bits

Horror author HP Lovecraft was not cancelled in August, but you can be forgiven for thinking he was.

Meet the Team

Meet Miles Forrest, Pragmatic Bookshelf’s Screencast Development Editor.

Shady Illuminations

by John Shade

Why Steve Jobs will be missed and Tim Cook will be fine.


Author sightings, upcoming conferences, and other events of note.

But Wait, There’s More...

Coming attractions and where to go from here.

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