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What Is Soylent Green?

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  Horror author HP Lovecraft was not cancelled in August, but you can be forgiven for thinking he was.  

What’s Hot

Top-Ten lists are passé—ours goes to 11. These are the top titles that folks are interested in currently, along with their rank from last month. This is based solely on direct sales from our online store.

22The Cucumber Book
3v1Designed for Use
4^NEWWeb Development Recipes
5^NEWMac Kung Fu
6v4Agile Web Development with Rails
7v5iOS Recipes
88Programming Ruby 1.9
9v7The RSpec Book
10^NEWPragmatic Guide to Sass
11v6New Programmer's Survival Manual

Dreams and Nightmares and TouchPads

Nobody dreams of being the one competent guy in a team of idiots. Great colleagues are a keen motivator. — @tottinge

Created a new technical keynote in my dreams last night, jotting down details before I forget, dreams should come with autosave. — @venkat_s

Thankfully, unlike the Kafka story his image evoked, the giant cockroach I awoke to this morning wasn’t me. #lsrc — @chadfowler

Seeing “recursive panic on CPU” on a server. I know that feeling. Breathe deeply, poor server. — @priscillaoppy

Believe it or not, The Machine Shed Restaurant just served 135,000 pieces of deep fried butter at the Wisconsin State Fair! — @NoReservations

Time to break out the Arduinos. Halloween is coming soon... — @PragmaticAndy

“Happy Birthday HP Lovecraft” just doesn’t sound right. — @marick

From HP Lovecraft to HP Touchpad: the future today. #eldritchichor — @GreatDismal

HP single-handedly destroys non-iPad tablet market. — @ZDNet

Looks like all my hard work ignoring WebOS finally paid off. — @joehewitt

Man, HP should stop producing hardware every day! — @jeff_lamarche

Lessons Learned—or Not

Resolved: Next time I’m asked (for the millionth time) who the worst cooks on Food Network are, I’ll just shut up. — @NoReservations

“I don’t have to decide that right now” is a great decision-making skill to learn. — @venkat_s

The zeroth step in creating humane workplaces is to start calling people “people” not “resources.” #mgmt — @estherderby

Most industrialized nations take care of the mentally ill, while in the US they are left to run for President. — @BorowitzReport

Choosing a lang based on TIOBE index is like choosing a country where to live for its population: 1.5 bln Chinese cannot be wrong, isn’t it? — @mariofusco

2 GB of smartphone data on AT&T costs $30. 2 GB of SMS messages on AT&T costs $2,684,354.56. How does this make sense? — @johnolilly

I wonder how many people now have “correct horse battery staple” as their password? — @marick

Again, claims we released a study about aliens are not true. Here are the facts from the report’s author — @NASA

(Can’t you just hear the sigh in that tweet?)

Aw Shucks

fantastic 40% off at pragpub using AGILEWEEK code results in $40 savings. (also $100 spending. yay, good stuff) — @RonJeffries

I think the “The Pragmatic Bookshelf” account and book notifications over twitter is a brilliant idea. #good #stuff @prag_notifier — @frankvilhelmsen

People are actually building the video game system I have described in the latest PragPub issue: #pragpub #arduino — @maik_schmidt

Read PragPub News on… it’s cool, nicely organized, gives good technology pieces. Well done PragPub! Stay pragmatic. — @grantontw

I’ve read PragPub Magazines #21-#26 this week-end. PragProg, you rock! — @vorushin

Finally, a @pragpub title to help all the beleaguered OS X Lion users out there:… — @gruber

If Corporations Are People

If corporations are people, can they vote in the Iowa straw poll? — @OTOOLEFAN

If corporations are people isn’t owning a company technically slavery? — @Tedgar3

If corporations are people, then acquisitions are cannibalism. — @izs

If corporations are people, are Taco Bells in Arizona required to show their papers with each order? #p2 — @pari_passu

If corporations are people, I’m gonna marry Apple. I like their style—plus they’re rich!!! — @dgulbran

So, if corporations are people, then people are corporations. No more taxes for me! I’m off to poo in the town well with impunity. — @AndyCobb

If corporations are people, then what is Soylent Green? — @alwen_lost_arts

Who Are Those Guys?

First, they’re not all guys, OK? This month we followed Alwen, Anthony Bordain, Andy Borowitz, Casey, Andy Cobb, Esther Derby, Chad Fowler, Mario Fusco, William Gibson, Jon Gruber, David Gulbransen, Joe Hewitt, Andy Hunt, Ron Jeffries, Jeff LaMarche, John Lilly, Brian Marick, Ted Meredith, Don Millard, NASA, Priscilla Oppenheimer, Tim Ottinger, Grant Sayer, Isaac Z. Schlueter, Maik Schmidt, Venkat Subramaniam, Frank Vilhelmsen, Roman Vorushin, and ZDNet. You can follow us at