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  Author sightings, partner events, and other notable happenings.  

We often want to call your attention to a particular event, and this month it’s this Clojure Conference in Raleigh. Lots of good people there and all the Clojure expertise in the world, apparently.

Author Appearances

Who’s where, and what for.

O’Reilly Events

Upcoming events from our friends at O’Reilly.

  • Oct 9–11, Android Open, San Francisco, CA
    Android Open Conference: “Android Open is the first conference to cover the entire Android ecosystem. Whether you’re a developer, IT pro, business decision-maker, or marketer, you’ll find the latest and best information for maximizing the power of the Android platform.”
  • Oct 11, TOC Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany
    Tools of Change Frankfort: “Tools of Change Frankfurt returns for a third year on... the eve of the Frankfurt Book Fair (12-16 October)—connecting the people, content, and conversations along the cutting edge of global publishing and technology.”
  • Oct 10–13, Web 2.0, New York, New York
    Web 2.0 Expo NY: “At the next Web 2.0 Expo, we’ll reveal the key pieces of the digital economy and the ways you can leverage important ideas for your own success. We’ll look specifically at web success stories in the New York startup ecosystem.”
  • Oct 17–19, Web 2.0 Summit, San Francisco, CA
    Web 2.0 Summit: “Once each year, the Web 2.0 Summit brings together 1,000 senior executives from the worlds of technology, media, finance, telecommunications, entertainment, and the Internet. For 2011, our theme is ‘The Data Frame’—focusing on the impact of data in today’s networked economy.”
  • Nov 8–9, Velocity Europe, Berlin, Germany
    Velocity Europe: “Velocity Europe is the convergence of performance and site reliability experts and rock stars who share the unique experience that can only be gained by operating at scale. At Velocity, leading experts share their knowledge about how you can make your site scalable, reliable, and fast.”


What’s coming from our USENIX friends.

  • Oct 23–26, SOSP 2011, Cascais, Portugal
    23rd ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles: “The biennial ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles is the world’s premier forum for researchers, developers, programmers, and teachers of computer systems technology. Academic and industrial participants present research and experience papers that cover the full range of theory and practice of computer systems software.”
  • CHIMIT 2011: “At CHIMIT, researchers and practitioners share issues, solutions, and research drawing upon fields such as human-computer interaction, human factors, computer systems, and management and service sciences to address cognitive, social, and technical issues in managing the increasing complexity of modern IT systems.”
  • LISA ’11: “LISA ’11 will break out the time machine and take you on a journey of system administration through the years via top-notch training, innovative research, Practice and Experience Reports, and that all-important face time with others confronting the same challenges you battle everyday.”
  • Middleware 2011: “The Middleware conference is a forum for the discussion of important innovations and recent advances in the design, construction, and uses of middleware.”

Other Happenings

  • Oct 4
    The Free Software Foundation is 36.
  • Oct 4
    Birthday of John Vincent Atanasoff, one of the inventors of the computer.
  • Oct 5
    Linux is 20!
  • Oct 6
    Adobe co-founder John Warnock is 71.
  • Oct 12
    Birthday of Ole-Johan Dahl, co-creator of the Simula language and thus of object-oriented programming.
  • Oct 16
    Mike Muuss, who invented Ping, was born on this date in 1958.
  • Oct 25
    Peter Naur, the N in BNF, is 83.
  • Oct 28
    Former software executive Bill Gates is 56.
  • Oct 29
    On this date in 1969, ARPAnet first linked Doug Engelbart’s lab at SRI with Leonard Kleinrock’s at UCLA.
  • Oct 31
    The traditional date for the leaking of confidential internal Microsoft documents outlining strategies for undermining open source software.
  • Nov 1
    This month the OLPC is 6 years old.
  • Nov 1
    Mitch Kapor is 61.
  • Nov 8
    Bill Joy is 57.
  • Nov 6
    Jerry Yang is 43.
  • Nov 10
    Bert Bos, co-creator of Cascading Style Sheets, is 48.
  • Nov 10
    Richard Brodie, creator of Microsoft Word, is 52.
  • Nov 18
    Pamela Kyle Crossley, historian and creator of SIMPLE, is 56.
  • Nov 19
    Dries Buytaert, Drupal founder and lead developer, is 33.
  • Nov 22
    Randall Schwartz is 50.
  • Nov 22
    PHP creator Rasmus Lerdorf is 43.
  • Nov 22
    And it’s Charles Simonyi’s wedding anniversary.
  • Dec 3
    John Backus would have been 87.
  • Dec 4
    Eric Raymond, aka ESR, is 54.
  • Dec 9
    Grace Hopper’s 105th birthday.
  • Dec 10
    Ada Lovelace’s 196th birthday.
  • Dec 10
    Ada, the programming language, is 31 today.
  • Dec 16
    John Bardeen and Walter Brattain created the first transistor on this day in 1947.
  • Dec 17
    Ken Iverson, creator of APL, would have been 91 today.
  • Dec 17
    Les Earnest, inventor of first spell checker and of the finger protocol, is 81.
  • Dec 23
    Birthday of Bob Miner, who wrote Oracle’s original database software.
  • Dec 25
    Richard Greenblat, famed MIT hacker, is 67.
  • Dec 26
    Charles Babbage’s 220th birthday.
  • Dec 28
    Linus Torvalds is 42.
  • Dec 30
    Bjarne Stroustrup is 61.
  • Dec 31
    Leonard Adleman, the A in RSA encryption, is 66.