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Choice Bits

What’s hot on the bookshelf and what’s new in twitterspace.

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  For every question in twitterspace, somebody has tweeted an answer. Just not necessarily to that question.  

What’s Hot

Top-Ten lists are passé—ours goes to 11. These are the top titles that folks are interested in currently, along with their rank from last month. This is based solely on direct sales from our online store.

1^6Agile Web Development with Rails
2^NEWTechnical Blogging
3^NEWProgramming Clojure
5v4Web Development Recipes
6v2The Cucumber Book
7^8Programming Ruby 1.9
8^NEWProgramming Concurrency on the JVM
9^10Pragmatic Guide to Sass
10v9The RSpec Book
11^NEWCutting an Agile Groove

You Learn Something New Every Day

Today I learned that there are people whose job it is to play with baby otters all day. — @lxt

Apparently people are moving to West Virginia to flee wi-fi and cell phones: — @kitalooclef

100% test coverage does not help you find a failure to increment a loop variable. — @headius

Magical: mysterious paper sculptures appearing in Edinburgh: /via @harryharrold @finiteattention /cc @timoreilly — @SarahM

Paris apartment unlocked after 70 years, a time capsule from 1940. /cc: @studioloraine @voocreative — @irishgirl

Sometimes it’s good to see all 24 hours of a day. Gives you a chance to thoroughly evaluate it. — @chadfowler

You know what’s impossible? Finding a non-skanky Halloween costume. #firstworldproblem — @smoozle

If This Then That

IFTTT may be the hot new cloud app, but If This Then That is nothing new in Twitterspace.

If You Already Hate Windows 8 Then You Hate Technology. — @Gizmodo

If iOS is Post-PC OS then Windows 8 is Post-Post-PC OS. — @TaimurAsad

If I didn’t work in an English Dept., I wouldn’t have to worry about the office coffee lounge randomly closing for a 2-hour poetry reading. — @rjreporter

Yes, IFTTT is a long-established meme:

“If particular care & attention is not paid to the ladies, we are determined to foment a rebellion."- Abigail Adams, 1776 — @msmagazine

If If-Then has come to the cloud, can Case statements be far behind?

If plan A fails, just remember you still have 25 letters left. — @TEFBOYZ

Cue an Eh?

For every question in twitterspace, somebody has tweeted an answer. Not necessarily to that question, but we can fix that.

How many “best practices” are really coping mechanisms for poor practices? — @tottinge

In startup we practice all of Agile best practice: standoff meeting, backburner chart, and automated trolling. — @DEVOPS_BORAT

After accepting the first few people, I’ve never gone back to Google+. Am I missing out on something? — @marick

I forgot about Google Plus quicker than I forgot about Dre. — @inthefade

Even elephants have forgotten about Google Plus. — @ladymisskate

Always wonder why the grubhub cartoon guy is naked in this flow chart.… — @amyhoy

I’ve been neglecting grubhub and netflix lately. Today seems to be a perfect day to make up for lost times. — @JenneNelson

Hi! I can help you with that, can you DM me your order number? — @GrubHub

@GrubHub Putting the “buzz” in busy since 1994! — @coreyhaines

It’s just coincidence that the page on Amazon showing a new kids’ book is also displaying a hip flask, right? — @KentBeck

I don’t like only ordering one thing because it’s not worth the postage so I’m going to buy a hip flask. — @LibbyJenkinson

Umm, so why does the city of Toronto need remote control lawnmowers? — @adamgoucher

My backyard here in Toronto looks like a jungle someone needs to cut the grass man! — @antony_671

Aw c’mon, you’re embarrassing us.

“@jlangr: new PragPub article, “The Only Agile Tools You’ll Ever Need”” [Right on!] — @RonJeffries

Developer and don’t read PragPub Magazine? If that’s the case then fix that now. #pragprog — @jockeholm

“You Don’t Pick Scala, Scala Has to Pick You.” Added PragPub#27 to Kindle, excited about @venkat_s’s new series about Scala. — @longyiqi

Wow, the @pragpub was pretty fantastic this month. I enjoyed the Scala articles, without being a Scala guy, and the agile tools article. — @JEG2

Did you know that Dr Dobbs hero Michael Swaine is chief editor of PragPub? A wonderful free mag by the PragProg guys! — @mtevruchte

When I see a book published by The Pragmatic Programmers, it’s very likely it’s a must read book. I’m very happy there is such a series. — @screencustoms

Post Partum

When I’ve gotten something out the door, and experiencing mixed feelings of euphoria and nothingness—that’s my cue to start reflecting. — @ellnestam

I love coming back to code I wrote a few months ago and having to rewrite big parts of it. It means I learned something since them. :) — @jaredrichardson

Yup. Legacy code is anything you wrote more than a few weeks ago... — @PeterBell

OH: “The guy whose code I’m cleaning is me 45 seconds ago... and that guy’s an idiot.” — @tottinge

Who Are Those Guys?

We told you last month, they’re not all guys. This month we followed Taimur Asad, Kent Beck, Peter Bell, DevOps Borat, TEF BOYZ, Ola Ellnestam, Chad Fowler, Gizmodo, Adam Goucher, James Edward Gray II, GrubHub, Corey Haines, Joakim Holm, Kate Horton, Amy Hoy, Ron Jeffries, Elizabeth Jenkinson, Kristi McKinney, Ms. Magazine, Brian Marick, Sarah Milstein, Jenne Nelson, Aleksej Nesterow, Charles Nutter, Tim Ottinger, Longyi Qi, Jared Richardson, Rebecca J. Ritzel, Antony Rodriguez, susan, Laura Thomson, MC Thumbtack, Marc te Vruchte, and Meghan Wilker. All tweets are the responsibility of their respective tweeters. Some capitalization and punctuation regularized to protect the negligent. Contents sold by weight, not volume. You can follow us at