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Meet the Team

Susannah Pfalzer

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  Each month we profile a member of the Pragmatic Bookshelf team. This month it’s Susannah Pfalzer, our Managing Editor. With November coming up, Susannah will be facilitating our annual PragProWriMo, which is a great way for our readers to try their hands at writing a tech book or a book proposal. Just one more hat that our busy Managing Editor wears.  

Susannah Pfalzer, Managing Editor

I’ve been working with the Prags since 2006. I was among the first development editors that Andy and Dave brought on. Development editors work with our authors as they write their books, guide them on the book content, style, and organization—and manage the book process from start to finish, too. We get to be very closely involved with a book as it evolves, which is really rewarding.

Now, as managing editor, I wear a few different hats. I work with the editors and authors to keep things running smoothly, train new editors, and get our new authors up to speed on our tools and processes. I also manage the new book proposals that come in to us. Plus, I keep my editing hand in by continuing to do development editing—most recently, I’ve edited New Programmer’s Survival Manual and Web Development Recipes. My roles here are so varied, I always have something going on!

As for my favorite way to spend my downtime, people tend to be surprised when they hear how much I read—after reading and editing for work, I still love to immerse myself in a good book at the end of the day. Right now I’m working my way—verrrry slowly, because they’re long books—through George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones series.


Twitter: @spfalzer

G+: Susannah Pfalzer