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PragPub, November 2011

Table of Contents


  • by Bill Dudney
    Bill takes us into the heart of iOS 5, introducing some powerful new APIs that have not received as much exposure as the APIs behind the new user features.
  • by Venkat Subramaniam
    In this third installment of his series on the Scala programming language, Venkat shows how Scala’s OO purity leads to simple, elegant code.
  • by Jeff Langr
    Jeff has written the case for TDD for managers. You may want to pass this article along to the manager you think needs to read it. Or study the article for when you need to make the case to a manager.
  • by Jonathan Rasmusson
    The client didn’t ask for anything new. Why has the project grown?
  • by Brian Tarbox
    Cleaning out his basement, Brian comes across a document that shows how little programming has changed in 23 years.
  • by Dan Wohlbruck
    One person predicted the coming of computer viruses. He also invented them.


  • by Michael Swaine
    If you ever wanted to write a book, this is the month to start, and we’re ready to help. It’s our third annual PragProWriMo writing month.
  • Drinking from the Twitter firehose.
  • Meet Janet Furlow, Pragmatic Bookshelf’s Production Manager.
  • Author sightings, upcoming conferences, and other events of note.
  • by John Shade
    John has seen the future, and it’s a roach motel.
  • Coming attractions and where to go from here.