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Choice Bits

Recruiters Bad, Siri Good.

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  Drinking from the Twitter firehose.  

What’s Hot

Top-Ten lists are passé—ours goes to 11. These are the top titles that folks are interested in currently, along with their rank from last month. This is based solely on direct sales from our online store.

1^NEWRails Recipes
2^NEWBuild Awesome Command-Line Applications in Ruby
3v1Agile Web Development with Rails
4^NEWProgramming Your Home
5^6The Cucumber Book
6^7Programming Ruby 1.9
7v5Web Development Recipes
8v2Technical Blogging
1010The RSpec Book
11v3Programming Clojure

Recruiters Bad

Never invite the scorn of DHH.

Recruiter message to inventor of Rails: How many years of Rails experience do you have? DHH: ALL OF THEM. — @Snugug

While not as entertaining as groupon’s recruiter trying to nab dhh, I get pinged about qtp gigs as least once a month. #idiots — @adamgoucher

Recruiter e-mail: “Must have more than 6 years of experience building Mac OS X software on Intel.” Intel transition was announced mid-2005. — @invalidname

“Join this Startup that wants to improve remote collaboration with your team. Must relocate to SF.” — @bphogan

Pretty much every public Ruby list I’m on is 90% chatter about jobs and recruiter hating. — @mperham

As a recruiter one of my primary skills is erasing the conference room white board before the next interview starts. — @okkfan

Siri Good

As predicted 24 years ago.

Gave myself a nickname in Contacts. Now Siri says “Hello, Sweetie.” — @leahkiem

I said goodnight to Siri last night, and it said goodnight back. It was as comforting as it was unutterably sad. — @BinaryDad

I’m afraid that in about 8 years there are going to be a bunch of second-graders named Siri. — @aspaul

Empirical date indicates that when you set Siri to British English, you have to say al-you-minium instead of aloo-minim. — @therealadam

This Twitter investor has outsourced all replies to Siri. Related: There are 3 restaurants near you and it’s currently 57 and overcast. — @sacca

I can’t believe it took so many days for someone to say, “Siri, capture Gaddafi.” — @stemcd

Short-Short Stories and Average-sized Writers

Not NaNo fiction, but maybe Nano fiction.

We were celebrating the merchandise, shop shelves, assistants in costume. We’d forgotten what Halloween was truly about—torture and death. — @DeadEndFiction

I woke to a pack of wolves in the kitchen, howling at the fridge. I fed them frozen waffles and one by one they turned back into my children. — @VeryShortStory

Most interesting question I got from a 5th grader today when talking about being a writer: “Is it illegal to jailbreak your iPod?” Attaboy. — @BodyofBreen

Attn World Fantasy Con people. My reading (2:30-3:30) has just moved from Town & Country Room to the Regency Room. Wherever that is. — @neilhimself

@neilhimself It sounds like you need to change your speaking outfit from riding gear to something involving a tailcoat and cravat. — @Ihnatko

Once they were gone, they were gone forever. A few people disappeared first. Th n it was let rs that w nt mis ing. Finally, it was entire — @DeadEndFiction

The Fix Isn’t In Right Now, Would You Like to Leave a Bug Report?

Don’t use Duct Tape; Velcro Looks Better (from New Programmer’s Survival Manual). — @PragmaticAndy

I’ve tried everything else on this code, so here goes: Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtan. Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn! — @gvwilson

There’s nothing wrong with New York that wouldn’t be fixed by banning Budweiser & PBR and importing some proper British Real Ale. #gonenative — @rit

You Might as Well

Nobody cares if you’re miserable so you might as well be happy. — @GianNJuice

“Life’s but short. You might as well be amusing.” -Coco Chanel — @IDstudentjob

“You might as well live.” -Dorothy Parker — @WEPromote

You might as well be yourself, because nobody else will do it for you. — @clarkware

If you have a protected Twitter account you might as well stay on Facebook. — @SteveO_MTV

What Twitter Is For

A million guys walk in to a Silicon Valley bar. None of them buy anything. The bar is declared a rousing success. — @dwlz

If you can make a tablet out of an ice cream sandwich, you have my attention. — @ryanirelan

I always knew they would try to turn me into a number. I never thought it would be a percentage. — @benrady

If you don't like writing about the weather around here, just wait until the next paragraph. — @FakeAPStylebook

In case you missed it last night—we can now sent your ebooks straight to your Dropbox. Great for iXxx and Android. — @pragdave

We are delighted to announce that Rachel Davies (@rachelcdavies) is joining us as director of IL Europe. — @IndustrialLogic

SPOILER ALERT: Twitter is for spoilers. — @jfricker

Who Are Those Guys?

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