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Meet the Team

Janet Furlow

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  Each month we profile a member of the Pragmatic Bookshelf team. This month it’s Janet Furlow, our indispensable Production Manager. Janet juggles a whole family of cats—authors, editors, copy editors, indexers, layout folks, printers, distributors, not to mention Andy and Dave. Without her we’d never get a book out the door.  

Janet Furlow, Production Manager

Janet has been working with the Prags since 2007. She met Dave Thomas in 2006 when their kids were in Cub Scouts together. Dave’s wife, Juliet, saw how amazing Janet was at organizing and herding the den, and suggested that if she could keep 6-year-olds in line, she might stand a chance of doing the same with Dave and Andy. “At the time,” Janet says, “I was a stay-at-home mom. I had been out of the workforce since my first son was born, and I was hoping for a job that was flexible enough to let me ‘do it all.’ I wanted to be at home when my boys got home from school and be involved in their activities. This job is the best of both worlds.”

Since then she’s gone from knowing nothing about publishing (which is where Andy and Dave started) to being the totally indispensable center of our entire production process.

“My role has really grown over the years. I manage the production schedule, working with the editors and our production team to get titles announced to the public and moved through the indexing, copy edit, layout, and printing processes. This also involves feeding a couple of databases—one for our store web site and one for public online stores. Then there’s the final prep work on titles going into our beta program, managing our reprint schedule, and various administrative tasks, such as author contracts and registering new titles with the Library of Congress for copyrights. I've always got something going on.

“I had someone say to me once, ‘Wow! You've got the best job in the world!’ She was right.

“In my personal time, I’m totally hooked on Sudoku and Spider Solitaire. But my favorite time is spent watching my two sons play ice hockey.”