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Up Front

PragProWriMo and More

by Michael Swaine

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  If you ever wanted to write a book, this is the month to start, and we’re ready to help. It’s our third annual PragProWriMo writing month.  

We have a lot going on this month: Six feature articles, a staff profile, calendar, John Shade, and our November writing blitz.

Bill Dudney shares some cool features of iOS 5 that you probably haven’t head about in general tech press coverage, and that can help you develop cool new apps. Jonathan Rasmusson tells you how to avoid shooting yourself in the foot with self-inflicted scope creep. Dan Wohlbruck recounts the story of the first computer virus. Venkat Subramaniam is back with another in his series on the Scala language. Jeff Langr gives you all the arguments you need to convince managers of the need for test-driven development. John Shade opines that you have to be light on your feet to play in the clouds. And Brian Tarbox finds some poignant documentation while cleaning out his basement.

And then there’s PragProWriMo.

A Month for Writers

This month, we’re holding our third annual tech book writing month, piggybacking on the idea of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). For you Pragmatic Bookshelf authors, this will be a great chance to make lots of headway on your books. If you’re just starting your book, a sprint in November will get you heading toward critical mass. If you’re almost done, November could be the final push you need to finish your book. If you aren’t (yet) writing a book for us, we have advice for you, too. And a supportive community of other writers. And answers to your questions. And the motivation of weekly wordcount checkins, if you want that.

Your primary point of connnection should be the PragProWriMo 2011 Writing Forum on our site. I’d also recommend that you check out my blog; I’m going to try to post useful writing information there every day in November. And you should follow our PragProWriMo twitter account. It will be tweeting helpful and inspiring bits of writing wisdom.

We’re looking forward to plenty of book writing action in November!