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Meet the Team

David Kelly

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  Each month we profile a member of the Pragmatic Bookshelf team. This month it’s David Kelly, our talented typesetter. David joined the team in the usual way: he ran into Andy Hunt at the Central Carolina Songwriter’s Association, where they both occasionally display their writing and performance licks, and the rest is pragmatic history.  

David Kelly, Typesetter

David is responsible for the look and feel of the Pragmatic Bookshelf books. He handles the XSL style sheets for the PDF, epub, and mobi versions of the books. His job includes all the fine-tuning adjustments to hyphenation, page breaks, figure sizes, and so forth to make the books look professional and pretty. He’s also the guy who designs many of the covers for our books.

David brings to Pragmatic Bookshelf a background in technical writing, documentation management, and process engineering. After teaching himself DITA, XSL, XSL-FO, and a little Ant, he has worked primarily in document automation and production. And then he ran into Andy.

“Since coming here I’ve learned a lot about the commercial publishing business that I had not been exposed to in the world of corporate technical publishing,” David says. But he’s always been a book person. “I majored in physics only because there was no degree offered in science fiction. I wrote short stories at the age of eight, wrote a novel when I was fifteen, and published two fantasy novels in my mid-twenties. At one point I owned a printing press and used it to produce and publish poetry books for North Carolina poets. That was a labor of love! So I’m very fortunate to be able to do professional work so closely related to one of my long-standing passions.”

Outside of his work with Prags, David is working on a science fiction novel about human evolution and music. He lives with his wife Anne and son Thad in Raleigh, North Carolina, and goes bicycling whenever he can.